Products and toys for gender non-conforming and Tran’s people

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At Pleasureden we're committed to providing enjoyment and to allow someone to feel satisfaction, they should first be comfortable.

The idea of sex-themed toys and products to one particular gender could be very restrictive, which is why we've assembled a vast collection of toys and other products that are suitable for anyone, regardless of gender.

There are vibration toys as well as dildo's butt plugs, Rabbit Vibrators kinks and fetish products such as under wear; strap-on's the straps that are not strap-less, lubricants, and much more! (Remember when you use silicone toys that you should make use of a water-based lubricant since silicone lubricants may degrade the quality of silicone toys).

We are aware how in past times, our products and our marketing been seen as limiting and binary We've also consulted people in the LGBTIQ community to begin making the shopping and products we offer more welcoming and enjoyable for all. A lot of products available are targeted at specific genders, such as vibrators and dildos are typically targeted at "women" but these products are able to be used on all types of genitalia. The same way products like butt plugs are targeted to gay cisgender men they are a pleasure for anyone who has an open butthole.

Women Products

We believe to make these crucial modifications to the shopping experience of our customers, we will be able to lead the adult industry in creating and advertising the products they sell in a manner that isn't gendered and, consequently, restricting. For instance, making the pink toy designed for "women" using size 6 women on the packaging is something that many people are unable to understand. This kind of image is not right and creates a sense of shame on anyone who doesn't conform to these outdated standards. We believe it's about time we start listening to people's needs and offering products that meet them.

The "For them" collection you'll find the iconic Trans masc porn king Buck Angel's products, which are specially designed for Trans males and non-binary individuals (with clitorises) to allow them to "jerk off" in a way that was not possible previously. A large number of Trans and gender-diverse individuals who are using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) they are prone to changes in their genitals due to dryness, wetness and growth. There's also in our product line the dilator kit women who are Trans often utilize after their journey to affirming their gender. There's lots of scope for new and creative products to be developed as we move forward and we're looking forward exploring what's happening in this field and playing a part in it. For now there's a selection of pieces of advice to help you get to get started!

For those suffering from Genital Dysphoria

These are excellent options for transgender women and women with penises that have an abundance of discomfort with their sexual organs. The majority of them do not focus on an immediate stimulation to the shaft and instead focus on anal stimulation. It could be used to make sheet protects the genitals of one's.

Best Choice: B-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set

Kohner offers a piece of advice for those suffering from dysphoria of the genital tract: "Prioritize butt stuff." That's why I highly recommend B-Vibe's Anal Training and Education Set. It includes a comprehensive tutorial on anal play and includes an enema device and a lube launcher and three plugs for educating your rear. Because anal sex concentrates on stimulation of the internal organs through the penetration process and also external stimulation by stimulation of the anus the art of having a sanitary, safe and enjoyable sexual sex is crucial. The purchase of this set will assist to take you from having no experience to being ready for any kind of enjoyable.

We-Vibe Wish

It's the Wish can be described as an oval internet of things toy that features a strong, Rumbly Vibratory that is perfect for your frenulum (the external-facing strip of skin connecting the tip to the shaft) as well as the perineum (the "taint" between your butt and crotch) according to your body's needs. The tip emits precise vibrations, while the body can provide a stronger as well as a deeper and more flexible touch, meaning you'll have plenty of flexibility in its use. To make it more enjoyable Download We-Vibe's mobile application we-Connect. It allows you to alter the frequency and vibrations of the Wish via your phone. It's also great to play with a partner game, as the partner can control it via the internet.

Maude Vibe

It is a "gender-neutral" vibrator has been previously evaluated on Pleasureden. As per the assertions, the Maude Vibe actually works effectively with Tran’s women and the bodies of non-binary people. Although it is powerful it is, the Vibe is focused on precise and precise stimulation with its vibrational tips. It is possible to place the sheet over your crotch to massage the frenulum to spread the vibrations over the tip and shaft, or press the device against your peritoneum to release a soothing wave across your prostate. It is important to note the toy's low cost and is a great option for those on a tight budget.

Njoy Pure Wand

Kohner suggests this toy for anyone who is Trans and AMAB non-binary people who are looking to play anal because its curve is ideal to stimulate the prostate. “Its weight does most of the work and makes it appear bigger than it really is, giving you a more expansive feeling of being full without putting pressure on your body." she says. For a different option, Kohner also recommends the Pfun Plug due to the "great weight and curve." (Fun information from Kohner the toys can be utilized by Trans people who been able to move their g-spot to the vaginal duct during vaginoplasty, too.)

Best Overall Sex Toy Recommendation

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Surprised? It's not a good sign. This Magic Wand Rechargeable remains the most popular choice to transgender women as well as people of all types, regardless of gender-specific genitals. Flexible, powerful and extremely rumbly, this wand can be used to hit all appropriate points on your shaft and clitoris, perineum and, hell, even on your back. Even if you don't want to use it for your clit, you can apply it to the back of your body," Kohner says.