How to Buy an ATM? Here are 6 Tips.

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Get expert tips when you buy an atm. You’ll know what to pick, what to look for, and how to make sure you end up with the best.

Getting an ATM for your establishment is a wise move. It attracts more people to your shop, offers customers an easy way to access their funds, and encourages them to use cash so you can avoid paying processing fees for credit card payments. If you’re shopping around for an ATM, follow these six simple steps if you want excellent results.

Explore Your Options

Check out what units are the most popular. Which units are standards and which ones are the most advanced? Be familiar with the specs, so you can tell the pros and cons of each unit.

Think About Your Users

It might seem tempting to pick the units with the most advanced features. But that’s not always the case. Consider your target market and their consumer behavior. If plenty of them prefer to use ATMs as only a means to withdraw their cash, then getting a machine that allows deposits, or that can do more might be a waste. Of course, it’s a gamble. Who knows if putting an ATM with advanced features at your shop could lead to user adoption? That’s a possibility you’ll want to think about before you buy an ATM.

Get a Rental

There’s one way to find out if it can foster user adoption: get a rental. That way, it won’t be a long-term financial commitment. Once the lease is up, you can decide if the unit worked or if you could swap it with a basic or standard model, without your target market even caring about the switch. Rentals are good since they give you the opportunity to try out a ton of models and ATM types. That way, you can pick out the best out of the lot.

Understand the Costs

When you buy an ATM, you need to have enough money. Can your bank account handle the expense of a brand-new ATM? Second-hand options are a good bet, too, especially if you get them from a reputable supplier. You won’t have to worry about draining your funds just to accommodate the purchase of an ATM. Aside from the upfront costs, though, you’ll need money for stocking up the machine. ATMs run through about $6000 to $8000 every month, so you need to have enough to stock it up every week. Don’t forget about maintenance and repairs, too.

Choose a Supplier

When you pick a supplier, find one that offers technical support. If you run into problems when you install the unit, can they help? What about software upgrades? Does t.he vendor offer those options? Ask before you pick an ATM for your business. Go over the supplier’s background and credentials, too.

Don’t Forget the Size and Location

There should be enough space in your shop for the ATM. It’s usually a big, free-standing machine. Also, you’ll need to pick just the right spot. Putting one by the entrance is good. It’s much more convenient for users and it also gets more people to your door. Waiting in the queue also gives them a chance to check out your products and sales campaigns