Top Snowflake Jewelry Gifts for a Princess Christmas

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Want to make your loved ones feel special this Christmas? Check out these snowflake jewelry pieces as gifts, including diamond necklaces and earrings.

What comes to your mind when you think of snowflakes? Winter and the holiday season, right? Today, the snowflake is often believed to signify Christ's birth and Christmas. It also symbolizes destiny because people say that a snowflake never falls at the wrong place. So, this year, consider gifting your loved ones exquisite snowflake jewelry to make them feel special. For a touch of fantasy, you can buy them in designs inspired by the tale of the Disney Princess from Frozen, Elsa.

Take a look at some top snowflake designs below to help your find just the perfect Christmas gift, fit for a Princess.


Single Snowflake

Does your girlfriend love the exquisite baguette and princess cuts of diamonds? Then buy a snowflake engagement ring in a combination of these diamond cuts in white gold to win her ecstatic "Yes!" The snowflake ring can set just the right mood for a Christmas engagement!

Twin Snowflakes

Imagine two snowflakes glittering on her fingers and representing your bonded souls. Get that in a Disney Elsa sterling silver ring and surprise your beloved with this holiday gift of fandom jewelry. She won't be able to contain her joy as the ring bejewels her like the princess she is!

Multiple Snowflakes

If you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, check out diamond Elsa snowflake rings in sterling silver. This design will shower some extra sparkle on her if the ring showcases multiple snowflakes. Your daughter will look radiant wearing this piece of snowflake jewelry.

Pendant Necklaces


Does your daughter love lariat necklaces? Then this Christmas, gift her a snowflake diamond lariat pendant necklace in sterling silver. It will adorn her like a princess if the design is inspired by Disney's Elsa. Plus, the Frozen theme will be perfect for a white Christmas party look.

Half Snowflake

It's an interesting idea to gift a half snowflake necklace to your better half. Convey this message to her with such a sterling silver diamond snowflake necklace as a glowing Christmas present. Any outfit she sports at the Christmas party, she'll look ravishing in your precious gift.

Heart Snowflake

Your mom always has a special place in your heart. Express this to her with a sterling silver snowflake diamond pendant in a heart design. Heart pendants look lovely anyway. The twist of a hanging snowflake in the middle would increase the charm of the pendant and make your mom look elegant.

Snowflake Key

Unlock your best friend's way to happiness and good luck by gifting her a sterling silver snowflake key pendant. Go for a design inspired by Elsa to help your BFF prepare perfectly to look like a princess this Christmas. She will look enchanting in the necklace and will always cherish it.



Want to gift your sister something vibrant and sparkly for a gorgeous Christmas party look? Then choose multicolored gemstone snowflake jewelry. For a royal fandom gift, give her Disney Elsa earrings in Rose De France and Swiss blue topaz, crafted in rose gold and sterling silver. Let them be stocking stuffers for her

Medium-Length Danglers

Does your mom prefer dainty jewelry? Then gift her something suitable this Christmas with medium-length white gold aquamarine and diamond snowflake dangler earrings. Aquamarine has a serene appeal and a beautiful light blue color. Each snowflake is unique and by gifting this to your mom, you can convey that your mom is different from everyone else in your world.

Long Danglers

Don't forget to shop for earrings for your partner too! Love the graceful swing of long danglers? Then buy suitable Elsa Frozen diamond snowflake dangling earrings in white gold. Remind her to wear them for the Christmas party. She’ll look no less attractive than the Disney Princess herself!


Multicolored Single Snowflake

This Christmas, buy a statement bracelet for your special lady. That can be a diamond Elsa bracelet in rose gold over sterling silver. If she is a fan of Frozen, she will be overjoyed to get this gift! The two-tone gold bracelet will spice up her look and complete her Christmas party look.

Multiple Snowflakes

Amaze your daughter with a glamorous snowflake jewelry Christmas gift. Since her strong personality is as admirable as Elsa's, it's a good idea to present her an Elsa fashion bracelet in sterling silver that is carved into a series of glittering snowflakes. Your daughter can make a fashion statement with this bracelet.

Make sure to shop for snowflake jewelry online from a store that offers great holiday discounts and a range of price tags. Then you can even buy matching pieces together affordably. If you buy Disney fandom jewelry, ensure that the store has licensed official products of Disney. To make your shopping experience more rewarding, look for hassle-free returns and free shipping.