5 best alternative dating apps like tinder

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When people are lonely, they stoop for companionship.”- Lew Wallace. We have seen how badly loneliness affects mental health in corona, but just like many other apps, technology has blessed us with another app to get rid of this loneliness- the dating apps. Want to find a perfect match for yourself? Get registered on any of these apps and find an ideal match for yourself. Not just for dating, apps like these get you new matches with a few swipes. They allow you to meet new people and bond with them. Are you bored of your monotonous life? Here is the right app for you.


The number of smartphone dating app users in the US will reach 26.6 million this year. That's an 18.4% increase from 2019”, says a report of business insiders (issued in September 2020). Another report of the Hindu says, “Consumers across the globe spent more than $3 billion on dating apps in 2020, a 15% increase from the previous year.” These stats speak for themselves, how dating app users are growing at a fast pace.


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Some popular dating apps are.

  1. Bumble

Bumble is an online dating app launched in 2014 by a former Tinder executive. It works so simply, you swipe right, and it’s a match!! One of the key features of this app involves that in heterosexual pairings, women can only be the first ones to send a message. Also, apart from dates, you can search for friends and business connections on this app, thus giving you more than just dates.


  1. Hinge

Hinge is an app available for ios and android devices. This app is more focused on building relationships rather than casual hookups. Hinge preferably matches you with a profile of your known identities. This app feature makes it safer than other apps of the same kind. It usually gives a selected list of profiles each day based on your previous iteration and Facebook contacts.


  1. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the OG apps launched in 2004 with a current user base of over 50 million+ active users. The main objective of this app is to serve its users with diversity, inclusivity, and modern cultural trends. The majority of users of this app are aged between 25-34. The app was recently rebranded in 2018, making it a more attractive and better option. Unlike hinge or CMB this app is open to everything, flings, hookups, and even relationships.


  1. Plenty of fishes

It is another of the oldest dating apps, launched in 2003 with a 90 million+ active user base. It is majorly popular in places like North America, UK, Europe, Australia, etc. The app usually quotes itself as “ Dating for grown-ups.” In 2019, the app faced some major security vulnerabilities leaking data of several of its users. But the app owners behaved responsibly to the incident and took major necessary steps to handle the situation and avoid such incidents in the future.


  1. Coffee meets bagel 

CMB is a dating app initiative started by three sisters in 2012. The app claims to be highly responsible than another app of its kind. The significant proof for the same says that 96% of its users hold at least a bachelor’s degree. The other things that might be considered unique about the app are its quality profile check, avoid flooding feature, etc. Also, the app has a scheduled surprise feature surprising its user with new profiles every night at 12 a.m. It also enables its users to do voice calls without sharing the no. Adding to its security department.


Revenue model 

After getting to know so much about these dating apps, you must be wondering how they generate revenue? The answer to your curiosity can be described in three simple points:-


  • Affiliate marketing:-  These apps make money by popping up ads on their apps. They show their users short ads between their different features and earn money from various product-based companies and sites.
  • Premium model:- Apps nowadays generally have a non-premium and premium version. The benefits of a premium model are often very tempting. The customer usually gets tempted by the premium model and ends up paying in for the same. This premium payment collection is another way of revenue generation.
  • Extra features:-  Apart from the premium model, sometimes the app enables certain features only on additional payment. The money collected from these different features also adds up to the app revenue.


These were some common ways of revenue generation for a dating app. The more updates an app makes. Usually, the larger revenue becomes


Now let us have a glimpse at the working algorithms of a date match-making app. These apps generally put forward some questions that describe your kind of dating person and your preferences, then the app shows you a profile of the people with the same interest and preference. Apart from this, these apps show you profile of people you might know from your Facebook contacts and mutual friends. They generally try to give their users the best matches of their choices.



Altogether, we can see the usage and importance of dating apps in modern culture. Apart from dates, people find friends to bond with and many other exciting people who add a pinch of fun to their monotonous life. To build such apps, you need a trusted firm with experience. An ios app development company in USA asks for the features you want in your apps, writes codes for the same, does the designing part, etc. The android app development company in USA provided by such companies are highly remarkable. They completely keep in mind the needs of their customers and try to deliver the best work they can give.  

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