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Increase your website's value by optimizing the design of your website. The website's UI/UX is surely something you can't miss. Because no matter how valuable information and quality services or products you're offering, if you can't present it beautifully it surely won't work. A good website design does not only mean stuffing it with all the info and pop-ups, it's more about user experience and building trust. 


Some of the ways that we use as a web development company india are listed below:


Choosing Colours

Choosing a colour palette is not a thing that you would do randomly. As studies have shown that colour psychology does play a crucial part in a website's design. So, you have to ensure that the colours of your website are consistent means you're not throwing them randomly, you have to choose some of them (2-4). Remember to choose colours that reflect your business' personality and motive. If you're working with one of the web development agency india they will surely do the research and would figure out the best colours to represent your business and website. 


Remove Junk

No one wants to visit a website that has too many distractions or junk elements that make the design look bad and complex. 


The landing page of your website needs to be clear, comprehensive and eye-catching. That said, do not include any element that isn't needed to be there. Show your audience what they need to see and nothing more than that. 


The must things to add are listed below, try not to add anything else if it isn't needed:


  • Heading and subheadings
  • Positives and services' features
  • Testimonials
  • Graphics (Eye-catching visuals that presents what you're offering) 


Just one thing that you have to remember: If it's not a must, it shouldn't be there. You want your audience to know about your offers and services and nothing else. 


Write For The Customer

The content present on your website should be written keeping customers as a focal point. Address their problems and needs and show them how you can be helpful to fulfil their needs and solve all of their issues. 


Human Connectivity

Be transparent to your visitors. You're not making websites for bots or robots, you're making it for humans. Show that intent on your pages. You can add some attractive visuals presenting your offered services or exclusive features. You can introduce your team on your website with real images to generate connectivity. When a user knows that they are not connecting with a website but real humans instead, trust is gained. Some of the web development company delhi india are focusing at this point recently as we all know we're presenting all this to real humans. 


Testimonial, Reviews and Logos

You wouldn't want to be the first one to use a service or product of a new business. You have to show your visitors your work experience, relative and encouraging testimonials and reviews from your previous customers. 


You can add logos and names alongside the testimonials of the businesses you've worked for or you can add them on your homepage to build trust with new visitors on your site. 


Studies have shown that providing social proof of the excellence of your service or product to the visitors on your website can generate great trust and in some cases, the conversion rate can face up to a 400% of uprisings. 


Highlighting Your Speciality

You might offer a range of excellent services or products but you should highlight the ones that have performed the best or the one that you're best at. You don't have to shift all of your focus on that particular service but you should pay attention to it more than others. Because if it is performing better than others that means it has something others don't. 


Make the process easy

Psychology says that humans want to finish things that they start. 


So, you must have the design of your website simple enough that if a user comes to visit your website, he/she doesn't leave in between. 


You should keep the flow of your landing pages plain and continuous that can incredibly help in conversion too. 


Once a user goes through your website and starts to trust you, you shouldn't ask him/her to fill out a long form instead you can simply ask for an email and continue the conversion process step by step. 


You must understand that keeping it easy for the visitors to crawl through your site and seek help will increase the chances of their conversion. 


User Experience

As we discussed in the previous point, user experience matters a lot more than you expect. When the communication is done briefly and the presented information on the website is received on the user end smoothly, the visitor feels good crawling through the site. Ensure that the visitors don't have to roam around to get what they are looking for, they must find out the information they desire easily regardless of what device they are using. The companies that offer website development agency india give an amazing user experience the top place in their web development checklist. 


Some of the ways to make the navigation and experience smooth and better for a user are listed below:


Always existing navigation bar - Make your navigation bar stick to the top (or as you desire) so that no matter what page a user visits, he always knows how to move to any desired page. 


Fascinating Portfolio and Services page - You have to present attractively and easily your portfolio and services page to a user so that he doesn't have to put much effort into believing in the quality of your offered services. Also, make the portfolio page easily scannable, so that when a user comes he can easily go through your past adventures and understand the issues of your previous clients and how you solved them. 


Featured Sections - You can place some featured sections throughout the website. The sections can include anything you want your visitors to know, it can be offered services, best products, testimonials, reviews or some insightful blogs that you think would be helpful for a visitor. You should present them the information of their interest as attractively and frequently as possible. 


Mobile Experience - Google has already stated that mobile searches are increasing rapidly and already surpassed desktop searches. So, if your website isn't already optimized for mobile, you should do it as soon as possible. Providing the intuitive design on your mobile site would not only improve the user experience but can also boost your rankings and ultimately your conversions. 



This is obviously not a thing that you can do in one day. It is a slow process and we assure you that it won't go to waste. Building a website that has a great design and connecting elements generates trust between the business and the user which can be very helpful in improving conversion rates and building a strong business image.

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