Here's How You Can Reduce Your Website Bounce Rates

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If you're looking to have a well-performing website, reducing your bounce rate can help to increase inquiries and sales. Although reducing your bounce rate isn't an exact science, there are certainly a number of tips to take into account when planning your website design.


Your bounce rate is represented by the number of visitors to your website who land on your site but do not continue to any other page, navigating away and 'bouncing off.' If your bounce rate is high - this means that for some reason, your website hasn't managed to capture the attention of your visitors, and if it is really high, it can cause a negative effect on your business. Here are a few expert website design tips to ensure your bounce rate is kept low.


• Prepare

Not preparing for your website design can lead to disastrous consequences later down the line. And the first place to start is making sure that you know what your current bounce rate is - check out Google Analytics for this information.


• Design

Unfortunately, people judge the book by its cover, so make sure that your website design appeals to your target audience - you should always have them in mind when you're designing the site.


• Clear thinking

Make sure it is simple for visitors to understand what your website does. If they are unsure or it doesn't look trustworthy, they are likely to find another site that will do the job.


• Display USPs

Ensure that any USPs you have for your business are displayed prominently - if you've got a special offer or a sale on, for instance.


• Popular products or services

If you have a particular flagship product or a service for which people regularly inquire about ensure this is well placed on the site and that people can find it easily.


• Navigation Bar

This is one of the biggest downfalls of poorly executed website design. If your visitor doesn't know where to go next, there's no wonder they'll bounce off and find another site to use. Ensure your navigation tools are simple to use and located in the same place on each page of your site.


• Load Times

If your website is slow to load, users aren't going to hang around for long. If you're worried about your load times, speak to your website designer. A good website is an investment for any business, no matter how large or small and the important thing is that it is used to its full potential, and finding a site's full potential starts with the website design process.


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