The Professionalism Of Solid Brass Padlock Manufacturer's Products

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Types of safety padlock manufacturer's lock cylinders

Types of safety padlock manufacturer's lock cylinders

  1. European-style lock cylinder:

This kind of lock core application is very common

Widely used in all kinds of lock products such as door locks, fire locks, etc.

The size of the lock cylinder can be customized according to the thickness of the door, and the length of the lock cylinder is 40mm-160mm.

  1. American thread lock cylinder

High-end door locks for this type of core application

Good quality and high safety. use less.

  1. Fireproof lock cylinder

The fireproof lock cylinder of solid brass padlock manufacturer is used for fireproof door locks, which can withstand high temperature of 975 degrees for 90 minutes. It is a special door lock core enforced by the state. The general specification is 30mmX32mm.