Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter: Is it true?

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Erectile dysfunction is a sexual ailment where a man fails to attain an erection. It is a sexual health problem that affects a man’s overall health. It impacts a man’s confidence and their relationships as well. However, erectile dysfunction can be treated with different oral medicines

Amongst men, a common sexual disorder is observed called erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that around 30 million to 50 million men in the USA are dealing with erectile dysfunction.

One can easily treat erectile dysfunction with are PDE5 inhibitor drug. However, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter are available, but they are in a very lower dosage. 

Erectile dysfunction medications

You need to choose a suitable treatment for yourself to treat erectile dysfunction efficiently. However, branded anti-impotent medications are extremely expensive. In addition, only a few medicines are claimed in Medicare; it also has certain limits. Few claims are only available for limited medications; some people are not able to afford the branded medicines. Therefore, you need to find a perfect pill for you because it should fit your budget.

What are the different types of ED medications that you could use?

The first oral treatment for treating male impotence was first developed by Pfizer pharmaceuticals, which was named Viagra. It was developed in the year 1998. Until then, the world did not see any oral treatment for treating male impotence. Apart from Viagra, in pharmacies, one can find medicines such as avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra) are the medications that work efficiently for treating erectile dysfunction. This drug works efficiently by enhancing blood flow to the phallus and stimulating an erection. In the presence of sexual arousal, a man will gain an erection when he is sexually aroused. 

Cialis is one of the top medications that provide 36 hours of effect. It has been approved by the FDA approved; this drug also helps to reduce the dosage. It also works to trigger an erection naturally. It may also help to control different symptoms. Therefore, problems such as enlarged prostate are easily treated.

Here we have completely discussed the erectile dysfunction treatment, because they are FDA approved. However, these medications are available over a prescription only.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter

In the USA, it is common to find Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter in different small departmental stores or pharmacies. There are huge market chains in Walmart and Walgreens in different states. Walmart is called a departmental store, and Walgreens is another pharmacy chain, a renowned one.

The erectile dysfunction medicines over the counter at Walmart and Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter at Walgreens are available in a budget-friendly manner. However, you need to consult your health professional before taking the erectile dysfunction medicines at these reputed stores.

Even amazon offers Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Over The Counter at an affordable price. They are more like supplements that help build sexual endurance. However, it is always better to take prescription-based ED medicines. It is always better to purchase a prescription-based dose to beat ED.