Things Included in New Home Inspection

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The mold problem leads to serious issues such as water damage or leaks. The home inspector performs a visual New Home inspection in Bunbury.

New Home inspections in Bunbury includes cosmetic inspections, such as paint, trim, doors, floor, etc. Including walls, ceiling, etc.

Inspection of electrical and plumbing foundations to make sure they are working. For example, that all sinks work and discharge efficiently. That all lights work. Check for leaks or toilets. And a quick machine test. In detail the home screening process includes the following:

  • Document Examination

As a buyer focusing on house records, you are about to buy. Items such as home permissions, square footage, Easements and entries, Lot sizes and borders, and so on.

  • Roof inspection

Make sure the roofing contractor inspects the roof and ceiling to detect any signs of leaks or damage. Use a hand-held infrared scanner to monitor areas where heat is emitting.

  • Electrical testing

Make sure house cords are up-to-date and comply with city codes. Ropes can be damaged due to normal aging and create a dangerous fire hazard in your home and family.

  • Insect Testing

Make sure you invest in an insect-free home. Regular home inspections may indicate areas of damage. However, only an expert can detect if there is a persistent behavior of insects, such as ants, carpenter ants, mice, spiders, in your home.

  • Basic Assessment

Foundation problems refer to large cracks in the wall, uneven floor, spaces between walls and ceiling, and more. A building engineer can see such problems. Make sure you include this during the home test.

  • Fungus Testing

The mold problem leads to serious issues such as water damage or leaks. The home inspector performs a visual New Home inspection in Bunbury and performs air samples with the home environment to determine the type of mold present. Hot photography is used to find wet or cold spots behind walls where mold grows.

  • HVAC testing

HAVC means Heat, ventilation, and air-conditioning. Make sure New Home inspection in Bunbury technician inspects HAVC properly as it provides a clear picture of the home heating and cooling system.

  • Pipe testing

Remember, investing in plumbing inspections before making a down payment can make your entry easier.

Make sure the home inspector performs a visual inspection or uses a diagnostic camera to ensure that repairs and appliances are properly installed.

  • Radon testing

If your future home is located where the basement is common, it is important to request a radon test as part of a complete home inspection.

Items New Home inspection in Bunbury DOES NOT INCLUDE

  • Temperature and cooling system testing,
  • Detailed examination of electrical and plumbing systems.

In summary, there are three different types of Oklahoma City Rental Properties housing inspections. Exit, entry, and correction tests.