PC Optimizer Pro

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PC Optimizer Pro is a sophisticated and powerful application that monitors your PC and improves security and speed.

Modern and intuitive interface
The interface list all the features as tabs, which makes for excellent visibility and quick navigation. PC Optimizer Pro's features are Universal Fixer, Secure Delete, Manage Startup, Program Uninstaller and Windows Tools.

You can notice that the interface resembles antivirus software. Even though it's not tracking harmful files, the functionality is almost the same, except is applied to useless and unwanted data.

Quick scan and remove
PC Optimizer Pro's main feature is ''Universal Fixer;" which performs an in-depth scan of your system and display all of the junk files that can be removed. Listed in the preview windows, the junk files are placed into three categories: Invalid Registry Entries, Junk Files and Internet Junk. A single click can remove all identified files, but if you want to remove just parts of them, you can check the scan log and manually erase them.

Another helpful feature is "Secure Delete," that shreds the files before deletion. This ensures permanent file removal. Also, file recovery is prevented if a program was shredded and deleted, as any trace of that program is erased.

Auxiliary functions
PC Optimizer Pro lets you choose what program to run at PC startup. "Manage Startup" list all programs in the preview window and give you the possibility to select them by simply checking their box.

Also, "Program Uninstaller" works in the same way; listing all programs and their strings and marking them with a checkbox. One or multiple applications can be uninstalled at once, and no post-uninstall traces are left.

Handy and easy-to-use file monitor
In conclusion, PC Optimizer Pro is a collection of system-maintenance and optimization utility to tune up windows performance. It removes junk files and zero size files to save valuable disk space; it has built-in PC Optimizer to prevent application crashes.