Where to look for the best hotel / resort in Dehradun and what to do?

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Ataraxia Dehradun is one of the resorts in jaipur for family surrounded by woods which makes it the perfect destination for meditation, trekking, and much more. Make Ataraxia Dehradun your new abode and enjoy the fullest in the lap of mother nature.

Wrapped by limitless greenery and countless snow-clad highlands, a stay in Dehradun will tempt you to spend some more and more priceless days in the capital of Uttarakhand. The hotels here are filled with pleasant remembrance of the quaint charisma. Wake up with the melodic peeping of birds and stupefy yourself with the arresting spectacle of sun rising above the hills. Intensify the layover by enjoying some adventure activities, like trekking, cycling, boating etc. Planning a trip soon?

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What to expect from the accommodations?
A stopover in this place will give you an opportunity to spend some peaceable days away from the urban havoc. Beautiful lawn and open terrace will give you tremendous opportunities to observe the wonderful vistas of the splendid peaks and countless groves while sipping your hot cup of tea. All the rooms of most of the good hotels consist of all basic amenities along with abundant warmth and signature hospitality. Slouch in the comfortable room while gazing at the streaming water and inhale the calmness of the ambience. Also, you will find various domestic flights to and from Dehradun, making it easy for you to plan a trip. You can book your own hotels here.

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The Lawn

Play some engaging outdoor games with your pals in the garden or sit on the bench and warm the cockles of your heart by enjoying a hearty conversation with your loved ones. Planning a trip soon? Do your online ticket bookings through JetStay, one of the best travel booking sites!

What to eat?
Various authentic restaurants here encourage local procurement and hence, all the dishes in our restaurant are prepared using organically grown ingredients. Delight your taste buds with dishes like Kandalee ka Saag, Gahat ki Dal, Singodi, Kaafli, etc. while looking at the stillness of the hills or enjoy a healthy supper while gazing at the daintiness of the descending sun.

Activities to indulge in Dehradun

Dehradun is famous for its exceptional geographic settings pleasurable weather. It provides tremendous opportunities for adventure trekkers as it is at a height of around 640 m from sea level and it serves as a starting point for many prominent treks.

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Paddle through the mesmerizing mountains, rivers, and green pastures while the cool zephyrs smoothly brush your face. Dehradun’s nice climatic conditions make it an ideal place for a pleasurable cycling experience.

Relish the distinctive delight of golfing during your vacation as Dehradun invites you to enjoy golfing in places like the Small Putt at The Club, located on Rajpur Road and the DSOI Gold Clubhouse on Vijay path.

Hot Air Ballooning
Spot the boundless beauty of Dehradun by sailing hundreds of feet above the land. Also, capture some staggering pictures while drifting in the air.

Slide across the green water of Asan Barrage and catch the glimpse of migratory birds like Brahminy Duck, Pintail, Mallard, Coot, Wigeon, and Common Teal etc

Heritage Tour
A trip to famous temples like Tapkeshwar Temple, where water dribbles involuntarily on the hallowed Shivalinga, Sai Darbar Temple, Buddha Temple, Laxman Sidh Temple, and Santala Devi
Temple will certainly be enlightening.

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