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Leave it to visit expert Kelley Ferro to plan a killer destination wedding!

St. Lucia was the gorgeous setting for Kelley's tropical wedding to her handsome hubby Dave. This adorable jet setter and TV host (you may recognize her from her hit show Get Lost with Kelley Ferro) gave us the scoop on her behalf picture-perfect special day!

How did your fiance propose?

I was raised in Vermont, so for Christmas break, I went back to my parents' home during my snowy home state. Dave had explained he would join me yesterday New Year to invest in me and my family. However, your day after Christmas he surprised me at Stowe Mountain Lodge, a location where I was raised skiing coupled with taken him many times. My mom was "supposedly" taking me to lunch there like a post-Christmas mother/daughter treat and I was flabbergasted to determine my boyfriend of many years walk on the stairs. We had just talked around the phone minutes before and that he was in New Jersey together with his family!

The surprises continued because he whisked me towards the mountain's gondola, saying I was having a special lunch at the very top. On the way up within our private gondola, he provided the sweetest card on the planet which ended with "and I have something to inquire about you..." I was so surprised and elated--even referring to this gives me chills again! We had fondue and champagne around the mountaintop once we took the view--which for me was my ring!

With all of the amazing places you've traveled to, how have you decided on St. Lucia for the special day?

Travel is a big part of my life--it's an interest that I converted into a career. Of course, within the 7 years of dating, Dave and I took lots of trips together and I inspired him to get away from his safe place and see the planet. He became smitten with travel too and together, it became a part of our relationship--taking small getaways often and something big trip every year. Saint Lucia a little getaway one winter to flee NYC's cold.

We stayed in a lovely hilltop resort overlooking this cove beach between Saint Lucia's iconic Piton Mountains. The beach quickly became our favorite place on the planet and we were built with a huge photo from it hanging within our room every single day. I just were built with a feeling when I was there that at some point we'd get married there. Several years later, we've got married on that same resort at Sugar Beach and I seem to like the luckiest girl on the planet. Here

What made you select FeelTimes for the bridesmaids?

I wanted my bridesmaids to put on something different and unique. I happen to be a bridesmaid many times and never happen to be able to put on the dress again. I was looking for an original style that might be flattering on all physical structures, but I also wanted a very unique color. When I viewed FeelTimes, I originally arrived looking to take a look at a different style, however, when I saw the bridesmaid dresses collection and all of the amazing colors, I was smitten.

Also, our setting of Saint Lucia is tropical and vibrant--and it is also quite hot! I loved how breezy and comfy the material was and felt the flow of the gown would be great for that beach. I also really wanted long dresses, without one being too hot this collection was an ideal combination.

How have you picked the style?

I gravitated towards several colors and merely started fitting different styles. I narrowed it right down to two similar styles which had great movement. They felt beachy but elegant simultaneously. They also were lightweight and easy to put on--perfect for any beach wedding. I had 9 bridesmaids so I desired to find something which would please everyone. I was so pleased to hear that all of the girls loved the dresses and explained that they can't wait to put on them again!

What color have you chosen for that girl to put on and why?

I find the bold red bridesmaid dresses and I'm so happy that I did! I loved how the color was deep vibrant, but without having to be too overpowering. It was also photographed nicely. The groomsmen were wearing navy and I knew that on the tropical beach, also looks natural using the bright flowers of Saint Lucia. Everyone at the wedding remarked how beautiful the bridesmaids all looked and I couldn't agree more!