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We have summarised top 5 websites to earn money if you’re into music producing and composing. Put your professional rap beats for sale and start building your own beats store.

Are you extremely dynamic and passionate about music and its production? Or Someone who loves composing their rap beats? 

The Internet can be a good partner if this is your case. As they said, More bucks never harmed anyone. The Internet can help you put your professional rap beats for sale. With a little hustle, you can have your own Hip Hop, and Rap beats store online. Your online store can become a place where customers can buy their favourite Rap beats on sale 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

You don’t need to code a website, just create an account on the below-mentioned websites, and you are good to go for your own beats store. 

So, what are the top websites where you can put your professional rap beats for sale?

We have summarised for you!


We did some research for you, and indeed is one of the most widespread websites to have your professional rap beats for sale online. Thousands of music producers use this website regularly around the globe. Some of the names you might be familiar with are !llmind, Dame Ritter, and Focus, who are selling their beats on BeatStars.

This site has multiple ways to promote your works and collaborate with fellow artists and producers through their “Collabos” button. In this feature, artists and producers come together and share their profits from sales. BeatStarts is the only website that has such a great opportunity. 


AIRBIT, who was MYFlashStore earlier, is another great space for the producers to publish their professional rap beats for sale. Some names of the producers on the top charts are The Cratez, DG Beats, Tone Jonez, Geniusboy.

Some of the key features: 0% commission, flash / html5 stores, quick payments, custom voice tags, and license, offers and discounts, etc. 

Such features boost and promote your sale for beats.

3. is one of the grandmasters made in 1997. It was made when beatmakers were just starting their career and had some name established in the market among the best. It has a gigantic community of 5 million+ members. 

You can smoothly have your music and professional rap beats for sale in this huge market space. Soundclick has recently redesigned itself with new aesthetics and user-friendly design, making navigation and browsing easy. 

Some of the key features: massive community, free artist page, mp3 store, infinite song uploads, gig calendar, music charts, direct connection with bands, etc. 


Traktrain is an invite-only website to put your professional rap beats for sale, buy and lease. This platform doesn’t charge any fees from its sales and prefers to keep a referral structure so that buyers are aware that they are acquiring a specially curated marketspace.  

They have a membership structure based on a tiered basis. It starts with a basic free account and then has an option of $9 and $19 per month with additional user benefits. 


With 2000+ producers and 24000+ beats already uploaded, BeatBrokerz is another great alternative for your professional rap beats for sale. 


If you don’t have much expertise in this section, you need to invest in a lot of work and struggle to gain money from selling beats. If your ultimate objective is to run your house from this selling, you need to operate this as your business. This will need you to make proper investments, accumulate costs and then have an ultimate profit from the same. Your work will require you to be patient, have more contacts, grow and establish relationships with the customers, actively participate in social media trends. You can reach on top despite the competition through tireless hard work and commitment. 

If you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to music, it’s Lazy Rida Beats for you. We are a click away from anything music. 

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