Tokyo Olympics stage truss built by Shizhan Group

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At the Tokyo Olympics last summer, I believe many people were amazed by the huge stage truss of the opening ceremony, which was built by the Shizhan Group.

On July 23, 2021, the official opening day of the Tokyo Olympics, a huge truss was presented on the stage of the opening ceremony. And many people don't know that the "Wuxi elements" shining at the opening ceremony are actually "Wuxi elements". The author learned from Jiangsu Shizhan Group located in Xishan District, Wuxi City, that the grand stage of the opening ceremony is composed of aluminum alloy trusses designed and manufactured by the company.

After two years of rigorous demonstration by Japanese manufacturers, Jiangsu Shizhan Group won this important order by defeating Japanese domestic suppliers and European and American counterparts with its excellent technical level. "Appearing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is an affirmation of 'Made in Wuxi' and even 'Made in China'." Teng Chunfeng, general manager of the company, said proudly.

In 2015, Nishio Co., Ltd., a supply chain company in Japan's performing arts exhibition industry, contacted Jiangsu Shizhan Group, saying that if it can meet the technical requirements, Jiangsu Shizhan Group will be included in the Tokyo Olympics supplier system. "At that time, there were actually many people in Nishio Co., Ltd. who still did not want to use the products of Chinese companies." Teng Chunfeng said that in the next two years, the company concentrated on researching related technologies for deformation control of aluminum alloy products, and formed pneumatic tooling to control the amount of deformation. , so that the error of the end face of the aluminum alloy truss is within 0 to -1 mm.


At the same time, the introduced 200-ton hydraulic press realizes one-time forming of 12 holes on the end face, which solves the industry problem of controlling the end face distance within 0 to 0.5 mm. After many arguments, Nishio Co., Ltd. finally made up its mind to cooperate with Jiangsu Shizhan Group in 2019.

However, the Japanese side proposed that although the samples have passed customs, real-time testing and sampling should be carried out before production and shipment. Despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Shizhan Group made every effort to successfully deliver all orders in early 2020. In fact, for the consistent practice of "craftsmanship", the Japanese side was impressed by the whole process.

After the products were shipped to Tokyo, facing the efficiency and speed of the Shizhan Group, Japanese customers, known for their strictness, were in the satisfaction survey. Filled in the high score, and the Japanese side also specially sent a thank you letter.

The order for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is worth 4 million yuan, but Jiangsu Shizhan Group invested 600,000 yuan in this project alone, and the profit is very small when new equipment and other costs are included. "This directly improves the scientific research level and technical level of the enterprise.


This is a wealth that cannot be measured by money." It is reported that the proportion of scientific research funds of this manufacturing enterprise to the output value has been fluctuating between 6% and 15%, and it has grown into a domestic performing arts. The "boss" in the field of equipment technology, the hydraulic lifting stage of the Wuxi Grand Theater came from their handwriting.

Not only that, Jiangsu Shizhan Group also frequently appears in many grand events in China. The stage, viewing platform, podium and some floats of the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China all use its aluminum alloy customized products. At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the group's aluminum alloy products used on the viewing platform and command platform were more than three times that of the military parade.

If you want to choose a stage truss with reliable quality, I believe that Shizhan Group will definitely be your best choice!