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Vinyl floor Installation is becoming more and more popular in the UK today.

Vinyl floor Installation is becoming more and more popular in the UK today. This is most likely due to the unique advantages that vinyl flooring offers. And we can see why as it’s easy to maintain, is highly durable and it also provides excellent traction for walking on.

Is vinyl flooring however, a good choice for your home or business? There are a few things you should consider before choosing vinyl floor installation


What is Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is made entirely of polyvinyl chloride plastic, a synthetic substance (PVC). PVC is heated and pressed into thin layers, which are then glued together to create vinyl tiles or planks. Each piece of vinyl has a textured surface layer that mimics the look of genuine wood grains and natural textures, via a digitally printed photorealistic layer that depicts hardwood, stone, or ceramic, as well as many other materials.


Vinyl floor installation can be long-lasting, adaptable, and very cost-effective, and it can withstand damp conditions and heavy foot traffic. Luxury vinyl is sometimes mistaken for other resilient flooring surfaces such as linoleum and laminates; however, whilst these products have certain similarities, there are fundamental distinctions that distinguish them.


  • Ease of Installation

Installing a vinyl floor is typically quicker and easier than installing other forms of flooring. A floating vinyl sheet, for example, does not require glue or staples. Vinyl floor installation can be completed over concrete, hardwood, or plywood. It may even be laid over existing vinyl; however, it is not recommended to lay vinyl over two or more existing layers.


  • Durability Thickness

Vinyl floor installation is extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. When it comes to flooring, vinyl is a comfortable option because it is soft underfoot, often with the inclusion of a cushioned layer. Resilient is an accurate term that could be used to describe vinyl flooring. Luxury Vinyl tiles also produce very little noise when walked upon, as vinyl has inherent sound-absorbing properties.


  • Recommended Usage

Because of its durability, vinyl floor installation makes a great choice for:


  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Basements

  • Family Rooms

  • Laundry Rooms


  • Design

Some could argue that the multitude of design possibilities available with vinyl floor installation is its most appealing feature, and vinyl's versatility also makes it a popular choice amongst many homeowners. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colours and designs, so your selections are practically limitless. For example, you can make unique, creative designs by combining solid and composite vinyl. Or consider printed vinyl, to achieve the look of stone or hardwood, without spending lots of money on the real thing.


If you choose Southern Cross Flooring to install your new vinyl floor, you’ll be guaranteed an expert job with limited disruption. Southern Cross Floorings relationship with their customers does not end with installation. They offer comprehensive aftercare and maintenance too, along with a 12-month craftsmanship warranty. 


So connect with Southern Cross Flooring now to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 


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