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Looking for slides to digital Vancouver service? Look no further than Transfer to Digital. We're ready to move your photo archive into the twenty-first century. In the 1950s and 1960s, slides were the preferred photo storage media, but now just a few people have projectors capable o

As slides and slides photo digitization Vancouver slide conversion service providers in Vancouver, we will help you convert slides to digital Vancouver. We can scan all slides and negative types including slides, slides (positive), slides (negative), slides (coupled positive/negative).

Photo scanning is a vital requirement that is very important for any photo/video medium to be saved into the long-term storage media. Digital pictures are easily retrievable and show perfect color accuracy, sharpness, and high resolution than the original prints. This results in enhanced imaging and information management along with easy sharing worldwide at almost zero cost. If you have a valuable film collection of valuable family memories that need to be archived or if you want to sell your old valuable films then photographic film scanning is the best choice for digitizing slides and negatives.

We offer slides and slides (positive), slides (negative), slides (coupled positive/negative) scanning services at very affordable rates with compromise quality. Some of our other products include photo books, photo enlarging, portrait photography 3D Photo Cube, etc., as well as we provide editing services such as color correction, restoration, saturation optimization, and much more.

We can easily scan all your slides and negatives in a few days along with providing digital images via email or on disk/flash drive depending upon what you need. We can also make customized prints from those scanned files if you want them printed out into high-resolution glossy printouts filled with colors. All photos, slides, slides (positive), slides (negative), slides (coupled positive/negative) are handled with extreme care while scanning.

All our slides and slides photo digitization Vancouver slide conversion service providers in Vancouver will ensure that you get the best images after digitizing your slides and negatives into digital files, whether it is about wedding pictures, baby pictures, class-reunion pictures, or any type of memories which you want to cherish for a lifetime. Your slides film images will be saved in high-resolution JPEG or TIFF format at 300 dpi or 400 dpi depending upon the original quality of the slides. We can also supply you with an online gallery where you can view download all your images anytime from anywhere. Contact us today!

If slides and negatives are nostalgic for you, perhaps it's time to go full circle and use a film scanner to convert slides and photos to digital Vancouver. Scanners offer high resolution (a 4000-dpi scanner turns a 35mm slide into a 21-megapixel digital image) versatility (including built-in dust and scratch reduction, color restoration, grain management, and even dynamic range-expansion features), along with settings optimized for color slides, black-and-white films and color negatives.