Top 5 things you need to know before ordering custom hoodies

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Top 5 things you need to know before ordering custom hoodies

There’s nothing in the world like wearing a new, soft hoodie. Everybody loves it! And we do too. It doesn’t come as a surprise that hoodies are so popular and always in demand no matter what the season is. Whether you’re someone who spends days wearing their favorite hoodie or owns an entire collection to create the coolest street style looks, we all need this staple in our wardrobe. Speaking of which, it allows you to create so many looks and pull off endless styles for everyday and special occasions.

There are so many reasons that custom apparel hoodies are always the right choice for marketing. They are nothing but the perfect way to promote your brand, advertise some essential fundraiser, launch and sell lots of your merch, or simply reward your employees. 

But let us tell you something, ordering custom quality hoodies isn’t anything like a piece of cake, as there are thousands of brands and styles in the market. If you’re looking to customize the hoodie from scratch, there are some important things you should know before placing an order. It’s hard to know from where to begin and we can relate to the struggle, but no need to worry, we have you covered here.

The blog makes it all easy for you with useful tips and detailed information about the different styles, fabrics, where exactly to print on them, and more such stuff. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

- Hoodie style: zip-up pullover

When it comes to the hoodie style, there are two of them - pullover and full zip. Widely popular, easy to wear, warm, and cozy, these two styles have everything you’re looking for and make up the vast majority of hoodies in the market. But, it must be noted that most sports merch comes in pull-over styles, like Voodoo team hoodies. 

We agree that if you surf the internet just enough, you’ll end up finding button-downs, quarter zips, side zips, sleeveless, and feather fringes styles as well. But it’s rare to find these custom apparel hoodies online and in physical stores easily.

Now let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the zip-up and pullover hoodies.

Speaking of customization, pullover hoodies allow you to have more space to be creative and have more stuff on the front of the hoodie. Whether it’s a design, text, or some intricate pattern, it can easily be placed on your hoodie. They also provide more warmth as there’s no front opening. However, if you feel too warm wearing it, you’ll have to take it off completely. Like either you can wear it or remove it off when it gets warm.

Whereas full zip hoodies are like jackets - more trendy, fashionable, and cool. And of course, having a zip is the best part over here. This conveniently allows you to control your body temperature as well. Like if it gets warmer, you can just unzip your jacket and keep yourself cool. The only drawback of customizing a zipped hoodie is that you won’t have the entire space in front for design placement. 

Now that you have a little more idea from the design aspect, pick the style of your custom apparel hoodies wisely.


- Hoodie Fabrics

Just like any other apparel out, hoodies are also manufactured from all fabrics and different blends. From classic cotton, 100% polyester, to advanced blends, you’re likely to find multiple combinations and blends. In addition, the fabric and blends offer moisture-wicking properties, maximum stretchability, and other incredible features as well. Here we’re going to discuss Fleece and French Terry which are the most common hoodie fabric.  



If you’re wondering what material your warmest and softest hoodie is made of, Fleece is the answer! Fleece can be made from various materials, like cotton, polyester, and other blends as well. It contains the shredded yarn loops on the inner side that are brushed to make it all fuzzy and frayed. This is the reason all your beloved hoodies keep you so warm in the cold.


French Terry

Lightweight, and supple to touch, French terry is the common fabric used to make hoodies. Its yarn loops aren’t brushed like the sweatshirt fleece but kept intact. If we compare the two, French terry is lighter than fleece but doesn’t offer softness like it. Hoodies made of French terry are lightweight, breathable, highly absorbent, and keep you cool. In addition, towels are also made from this fabric.


- Think about the design

Product experts recommend sticking to simplicity when it comes to designing your custom quality hoodies. All intricate designs, patterns, and too much going around don’t look aesthetically pleasing on hoodies. So, you got to stick to simple yet stunning. You can play with colors, go with the dark shades as per the theme and aesthetics. And as the hoodies have multiple printing areas, you can get different designs and patterns printed on them. It can be a logo, brand name, team logo, mascot picture, name of the sponsors, or all the things and more.


- Pick the right size

Make sure to order the right sizes of your custom hoodies. Hoodies size match the typical set of t-shirt sizes. But of course, variations exist when it comes to brands, fits, styles, and men’s women’s cuts. And the personal style is another story to look into. It all comes down to understanding your target market, like what sizes will they prefer having, and what variations will they need.

In case you’re ordering for a family, team, or your class, make your work easy by simply asking them what sizes they want to have.


- Hoodie print areas and printing methods

On a pullover hoodie, you can have designs printed on the full front, full sleeves, front pocket, full back, side hood, and lower back. Please note that these are the general guidelines, you can have some out-of-the-box, crazy ideas, that can be done too.

Meanwhile, on your zipper hoodie, you can get designs printed on the sleeves and the areas divided by zipper. 

Speaking of the zipper hoodies, you can get anything printed on the front due to the zipper. If you go for the front area printing, globs of ink get deposited and it looks messy.

But if you still want to go for it, here’s how you can print across a zip-up hoodie: 

- The artwork should be designed leaving some space in the middle for the zipper.

- The zipped hoodie should be placed on the special platen that has a built-in valley or the ridges, this way ink won’t be deposited on the fabric.

And here are the common hoodie print methods:

- Screen printing

- Direct to garment (DTG)

- Heat transfer

- Dye sublimation

- Embroidery

Don’t forget to check out the SPRT Brand, as they’re offering all the above decoration services along with quality products.

That was all from our side, hopefully, you gained useful information out of this blog. Now when you start your search, run these points in your head before finalizing your purchase. Hope we’ve made it easier for you to shop for your custom hoodies. Good luck!