Why Wordpress is Best for Business or Professional Website?

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Last year has made a long-lasting impact on building the business-customer relationship and how we interact with the brands, make purchases, and find the services. As we have turned to virtual interactions more, business owners need to ensure that their website is built so well to help power their business. And, being a small business owner or a marketing manager, you must be looking for an affordable and easy-to-use, yet robust solution. Something that is going to increase the sales while not adding a lot of tasks or time to your day. Contact us to get the web development company delhi


The answer is building your website with the WordPress platform. You must have heard of it; WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system currently. It currently serves as the backbone of many famous sites like BBC America and Sony Music.


Why Use WordPress for Small Business?

As Code Craft Crew was once upon a time just a small business it is keenly aware of the challenges small businesses face during the work. Small businesses know they need a website and then they hire the lowest cost option. Quickly, they start facing issues, and now they take help from a reputable development firm. This is why we recommend hiring a professional team from the very beginning to build your website from the scratch. 


So know that we’re telling this from 5 years of web development experience as we are the web development companies in Delhi when we say WordPress is good for professional websites.

  1. Website Ownership
    WordPress provides you to own your website whereas many other popular site builder platforms don’t. Why does ownership matter? Ownership gives you the freedom to take your business elsewhere relatively easily as compared to various other platforms. If you consider selling your business in the future, having ownership of your website is always an advantage. It is a digital asset and can be sold as part of their business.
  2. User-friendly CMS
    You are very busy. We completely get it. You didn’t start a business because you had a desire to build a website, so handling it can be a bit tough. WordPress gives website administrators a user-friendly dashboard to manage your website through posts, pages, forms. 
  3. Easy to Customize
    WordPress allows developers to update the functions to fully customize the content and the experience, and the functionality of a website. Many famous site builders don’t have the customization features which wordpress provides.
  4. Wide Availability of Plugins and Lower Development Costs
    Utilizing the available, trusted plugins requires less custom-developed connections and various functionalities. Less development involves lesser upfront costs. However, utilization of plugins on your website can give a boost to your annual, current costs and potentially low down your website speed. Be thoughtful while adding plugins to make sure you choose secure and efficient options.
  5. SEO Friendly
    Having a website is just a part of the business. Once launched, you must continually optimize the content, images, and links to build the website’s authority and increase your website’s SEO rankings. WordPress is already built to be SEO friendly, and there are several well-known SEO plugins that can be added to the websites.
  6. Security
    Security must be the priority of your business decisions. Maintaining a secure website and being responsible with user data is the priority when running your business online. A lot of security plugins and add ons are also available. 
  7. User Roles and Permissions
    WordPress allows the admins of the websites to add and manage permissions of the users. This is very helpful when we have to manage and operate your website or delegate tasks.
  8. Website Support
    If your website is published on WordPress and you need a partner to manage the content and maintain the security requirements, you can hire an agency to help, you can get in touch with us as we are the best website development agency India.


What are the Disadvantages of WordPress?

Everything is not perfect, there are some cons to choosing WordPress:

  1. Open to Security Exploits
    Being an open-source and a very popular CMS platform, WordPress is constantly the target of various security exploits and several bot attacks. Installing various kinds of plugins also increases the security risk of your own website, since plugins have a lot of vulnerabilities too. 
  2. It’s Not Great for Custom Web Applications
    If your entire business is completely online and you need a highly-customized platform, WordPress may not be the best option for you. Plugins can only get you this far, and the constant updation and limited data structure can cost you a lot in the long run than a fully-custom website application.
  3. Bloated if Built Poorly
    There’s definitely a lot of ways of doing things. We even get clients that come to us with websites that have been hacked multiple times by inexperienced people. Wordpress is not something that is that secured.  
  4. Too Much Flexibility
    As it says “with great power comes great responsibility.” This is what WordPress is for. If you have very little experience in building a website and you follow the wrong steps from an online tutorial without any sort of backup, you’re in deep trouble my friend. 

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