Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Statement Jewelery

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Have you ever seen a statement jewelery that you absolutely love but don’t know where to wear it? You once looked at beautiful earrings and thought, "But will it fit me?"

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to buy a heavy necklace is: ‘Will I be able to carry it?’ Then this blog posts is just for you.

Wedding time is the best time to show off all your heavy and decorated jewelry pieces, but if you are constantly plagued with doubts about the most glamorous look, then they often go back to the closet. On the other hand, not knowing how to wear a statement jewelery appropriately will make you look gorgeous, and bring you the attention of all that is wrong. Don't worry, though, those timeless heirloom bangles or embroidered haath-phools don't have to be in a permanent jewelry box there are a few clues and rules set, it's very easy to make sure your jewelry statement always makes you look kind, not flashy.

Let’s understand what to know before you buy statement jewelry!

What is this amazing looking statement jewelry?

First, it's important to distinguish "ornate trinkets" from other trinkets. Simply put, gems that "stand out" are called spectacular gems. However, in order to declare itself in the figurative sense, the decoration must have certain characteristics. That said, the gem of the application is:

Large enough to catch the eye quickly.

Gemstones in applications are very noticeable because of their size. Of course, it should be. This cannot be easily overlooked or ignored.

Expensive, or at least looks expensive.

Not all parts of the operator need to be expensive, but some are. This is especially true if it is made of precious metals or stones, or if it is a luxurious haute couture garment. The design of is different.

Next to the size of, the jewelry that stands out is the design. Jewelery phrases are artistic and "miscellaneous" in appearance. This doesn't mean it has to be one of a kind. In fact, every detail that dramatically changes your entire outfit makes a statement.


And again, this means you have to spend money on this process. If you satisfy the above 3 things, you have to be okay with just wearing it!

When to carry

Now that the concept of jewelry is clear, you may have pointed out a few things in the jewelry box. The next part is understanding when to wear it. This is one of the most basic rules for displaying jewelry. Wearing it at the right time separates the good from the bad.


If you wear eye-catching jewelry:

  1. You must dress up. If you're in the mood for trinkets, like the wedding of a close relative, now isn't the best time to show off your trinkets. Invisible is best. Worse, it will look tasteless.


  1. Meet people nearby. This is the best place to find gems. Whether it's a small get-together, a private party, or a face-to-face family dinner, it's a great time to announce part of your application and get the compliments pouring in!


  1. You want to make a good impression when you meet people for the first time. Elegant jewelry speaks of good taste and healthy eyes. It builds your self-confidence and becomes a place where you can actually do it and talk!

Final words...

How to carry!

When it comes to wearing eye-catching statement jewelry, there are many things to consider: the event, the outfit, the look you want to create, your body type, your facial expression, and the location and time of day. To keep everything in mind, these tips for decorating and buying statement jewelry for sale is for you!