Why we should use FM Whatsapp

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FM Whatsapp is an upgraded application of the old whatsapp version with separate colors

FM Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging app for Android and iOS devices. FM WhatsApp Messenger app was earlier available for Windows Phone and Blackberry, but FM WhatsApp can now also be used on these platforms using third party FM apps like Bluestacks and Remix OS . FM whatsapp has been discontinued by the developer from May 2018, due to security reasons. FM WhatsApp comes with some amazing features that have made it popular among users.

FM Whatsapp is an open source application which promises strong encryption at all stages of communication. The developers have not seen any hacking attempt yet in FM WhatsApp, so they claim that your data doesn't go out without being encrypted. FM Whatsapp encrypts each file or message with a unique lock which only you have. FM Whatsapp doesn't save your chat history or files on their servers, so there is no way FM WhatsApp can read your chats even when they get a warrant from the authorities. FM WhatsApp also allows you to backup a copy of your data in Google Drive, Dropbox and several other similar cloud services. FM WhatsApp comes with end-to-end encryption that ensures that only the people involved in a conversation can understand what was being said. FM Whatsapp uses an authentication key which is stored only on users phones meaning FM whatsapp cannot decrypt what you share even if it wanted to. FM whatsapp is owned by Facebook who recently came under fire for sharing sensitive user data with mobile device manufacturers like Huawei and Lenovo .

FM Whatsapp is a cross-platform app that can be used on Android, iOS and Windows phones. FM Whatsapp uses your phone's internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to message and call friends and family . FM whatsapp will use the best connection available at any given time which ensures you get the best experience while using FM WhatsApp Messenger. FM WhatsApp communicates with FM Server so it doesn't need much processing power from your phone. FM Whatsapp also consumes less battery than other messenger apps which makes FM Whatsapp an ideal messaging app for low-end devices with limited battery capacity such as Android phones with 1GB ram , FM Whatsapp supports voice calls too, there is no FM Whatsapp calling feature that is available currently. FM WhatsApp has a security lock only known by you which ensures that FM WhatsApp cannot read your chats or data even if they wanted to. FM Whatsapp claims even they can't read it since everything about FM whatsapp is encrypted including photos, videos, texts etc. FM Whatsapp uses 256-bit encryption if both the sender and receiver's devices support it . FM Whatsapp also encrypts voice calls with SRTP. When you install FM WhatsApp on your device for the first time, all of your information gets validated by FM Servers using this security code which makes sure nothing shady happens while using FM WhatApp Messenger. FM Whatsapp automatically backs up photos and video sent using FM Whatsapp but not group messages, FM Whatsapp also allows you to save the media shared by FM friends and FM groups on your device's SD Card. FM Whatsapp can be used as a good FM Backup and restore app too. FM WhatsApp has a FM Emoji feature which is not available with other messenger apps . FM whatsapp supports sending encrypted voice messages, FM Whatsapp also supports sending multiple photos at once. FM WhatsApp doesn't support any third-party stickers or ringtones unlike other instant messaging apps such as Telegram, so if you love using sticker packs, FM WhatsApp may disappoint you . FM WhatsApp comes with an option to start fresh where all of your data gets deleted from their servers leaving no trace of it behind even your account gets deleted from the server side