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Your love is damaged, it has nothing to do with that person, it's because you didn't take your own things properly."


China is one of the countries that produces the most silicone in the world. realistic sex doll are a high-demand product, but most of the time, the best realistic sex doll are still taboo and a topic that needs to be kept in the dark. Luo Qiang is a loyal best realistic sex doll player. He owns up to 15 perfect sex dolls. His relatives and friends say that he will not fall in love with a real person, let alone marry someone.

Silicone sex dolls and luoqiang

After selling Gwen, Luo Qiang bought more silicone sex dolls one after another, even though he traveled around to make a living and was in debt of 300,000 yuan. Inadvertently, Luo Qiang also opened up a career path. In 2016, Luo Qiang returned to his hometown and opened a super-real sex doll offline store. He deliberately chose the address in a sparsely populated place. The store was divided into two floors. Luo Qiang’s own dolls were placed on the second floor. It is regarded as a treasure and not for sale.

Before that, there were about 10 adult stores in the county. Luo Qiang does not shy away from raising sex dolls and his own career, and tries his best to avoid the strange eyes of the outside world on him.

On March 7, 2016, Zhang San pushed Eva to go for a walk in the square near his home. For more than ten minutes, passers-by kept taking pictures of him and his sex doll with their mobile phones. After dark, the flash light made his eyes uncomfortable. The next day, a friend told him that he was on the hot search on Weibo, and some people said, "We don't want to comment on mini sex dolls, it's just a matter of his personal preferences." More negative comments, some people pointed out that Zhang San is a pervert. Zhang San got angry and got angry. "It's really not good to think about it for a while." After that, he didn't take Eva out of the house for a while.

blow up sex doll

Silicone sex dolls and zhansan

Zhang Qiang is one of the few people who spoke out among the baby friends. He and Xiao Ying have received many interviews and documentaries. The baby is a "scientific but tragic way" to solve his predicament. But for the family, it may take more time to accept that the son may live with the baby. Until now, the father who lives with Zhang Qiang is reluctant to talk about "raising the baby" with outsiders.

The japanese sex dolls unilaterally accepts the emotional output of the baby friend, and the baby friend can fill in the emotional feedback by fantasy. This saves the introverted crowd the hassle of communicating with people. But when a flesh-and-blood person appeared, the baby friends were at a loss.

In the summer of 2017, the girl who had a secret love for 6 years finally agreed to date Zhang San for a look. The first date was at Shanghai Disneyland. He admired the girl's elaborate make-up and long blue dress, wrapped in a kiss that smelled of sweet perfume... and he couldn't bear the details of his girlfriend walking through red lights and chirping when eating.

The two couldn't understand each other, and the girlfriend couldn't understand why he, a man, wanted to raise dolls. Zhang San felt that it was unreasonable that she liked to play the male sex doll machine, and explained to her that the manufacturer could set the probability, but it was another quarrel. On a few dates, Zhang San occasionally thinks of Eva, but not when they go out together. Not long after, because his girlfriend lost contact for no reason, Zhang San took the initiative to break up. The breakup ended his desire for reality, and this lovelorn didn't seem as sad as expected.

Luo Qiang's only experience of love also happened in 2017. Two people with similar interests and hobbies met late. During that period, Luo Qiang almost threw the sex doll aside. The relationship cooled quickly when Luo Qiang proposed to meet the other's parents. In the sudden indifference and withdrawal, Luo Qiang saw that the girl was hesitant about the identity and education of the two. This 30-day relationship took him more than 3 years to digest and forget.

Today, Luo Qiang is still looking forward to a tacit, slow and firm love. He turned down several blind dates. A girl of the same age who has been in 8 relationships, Luo Qiang doubts whether she is cautious about her relationship; a girl regards marriage as a phased task in her life, and she can live together with good conditions. In January 2020, he shared an article on his Moments, "A Lonely Single Man Tells Love So Thoroughly", saying that Mu Xin, a writer he respects, has never been married, "He has waited all his life, waited patiently, it takes a lot of time. Terrific situation."

Loyal japanese sex dolls player - Zhang Qiang

In recent years, Zhang Qiang has had several relationships, but he is still afraid of getting married. He feels that understanding female sex doll can help men understand the female body structure and resist temptation (of course, this is what the missing sex education and emotional education should do). But when a man comes to ask him about raising a sex doll, he will persuade the other party to think about it, whether he can afford the price of such a choice.

The only time I faced a man I met in a board game bar, the man was about 1.8 meters tall and handsome, and was suffering from a broken love. Maybe you need a sex doll, he suggests. Not long after, the man committed suicide by throwing himself into the river after failing to save his ex-girlfriend.

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After raising dolls, he has a different understanding of love. He cited the movies "her" and "Blade Runner 2046" as examples. People can fall in love with a sex doll or an AI sex doll. Love means the possibility and ability to fall in love with a certain person or thing, and love is a person's own ability.

Zhang Qiang thinks that if a man has a sex doll long ago, maybe he can realize, "Love is his own thing. Your love is damaged, it has nothing to do with that person, it's because you didn't take your own things properly."