Main structure and characteristics of aluminum alloy stage truss

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The aluminum alloy stage truss is mainly composed of frame and stage plate. Do you know its specific main structure and characteristics?

The aluminum alloy assembled stage truss is mainly composed of a moving frame and a stage plate, and the moving frame is usually made of alloy and steel materials, so it is more convenient to disassemble and assemble, and it is also more convenient to store. It also has the characteristics of small size and easy transportation. The stage board is assembled by aluminum alloy. Then, what is the specific main structure and characteristics of the assembled stage? Below, follow the editor to discuss it together!

Firstly, the main structure of the aluminum alloy assembled stage truss: high-strength aluminum alloy material is used. The main principle is the aluminum buckle-type assembly frame, and the inverted buckle parts are used for connection in the middle support of the column. Aluminum alloy profiles meet the GB/T-6061 standard, and have passed the inspection by the National Inspection Center. Therefore, the assembly stage for this event is relatively solid on the basis, and has high integrity and safety in the materials and structures used.

  1. Stage board

①It is a professional millimeter thick sandwich panel. Because this kind of board is not only strong and durable, but also has high-quality anti-skid performance: especially on the surface layer, a certain colloidal particle-like arrangement has passed, so as to achieve anti-skid performance in rainy days; and long-lasting service life: this thickness It not only has good pressure resistance, but also prolongs the use time of the product; good anti-skid and waterproof performance: because the surface layer is treated with colloidal particles, the anti-skid and waterproof performance is greatly enhanced.

②Use tempered or organic glass stage board, which is transparent and beautiful.


  1. Supporting system

Generally speaking, there are two major series of assembled stage supporting facilities, including aluminum alloy truss, aluminum alloy scaffolding and other comprehensive supporting facilities. Our company mainly provides comprehensive one-stop solutions for activities of different natures and styles.

Secondly, the characteristics of the stage assembly for the event:

  1. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, which are sturdy and safe.
  2. It is made of high-grade sandwich board, which has the advantages of high strength, compression resistance, waterproof and sun protection.
  3. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it is the best product for indoor and outdoor exhibitions.
  4. The frame is small in size after dismantling, which is convenient for transportation and storage.
  5. The unit combined structure can be freely added or divided according to the size of the site.
  6. There are no special requirements for the construction site, usually on flat ground, such as: sand, grass, asphalt, cement and tile floors.

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