Ultimate Guide on How to Write the best Personal Biography

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A best personal biography summarizes your life details that help define who you are. Here is the guide on how to write the best personal biography.

What is personal biography?

A best personal biography summarizes your professional achievements, qualifications and education, and other details that help define who you are. They may also be utilized on professional websites and networking platforms.

Authors use autobiographies to tell events from their own lives and assist future generations in understanding those events by describing how they impacted individuals who lived through them.

What are the benefits of personal biographies?


  1. Presents your top achievements and professional highlights in a comprehensible, easy-to-digest style.
  2. You Can go into more depth about a certain element of your life than a resume could.
  3. Leaves a lasting effect on the reader.
  4. It's useful for speaking engagements and creating guest articles.
  5. Your lengthy bio might be condensed for shorter social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.


To assist you, here is the guide on how to write the best personal biography.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write the best Personal Biography

Step 1: Determine the tone of your bio based on the platform you're using.


Consider the context when deciding whether to write your bio in the first or third person. Writing in the third person may be appropriate for most professional websites. It also has a self-congratulatory tone to it. On the other hand, the first person gives it a more intimate feel.


Mark Gallion, a venture capitalist, has many distinct bios on the internet. Some are more formal than others, of course. When it comes to Twitter, though, he chooses to phrase his facts in a manner that allows him to connect with his followers on a personal level.


He not only offers data about his work life in under 160 characters, but he also displays his passion for baseball. As a result, explain who you are in an appropriate tone for your target audience.


Gallion uses his Twitter profile to engage with possible investors and followers that share his interests. As a result, depending on the platform for which you're writing your best personal biography, you may make it hilarious, personable, official, conversational, and so on.


Begin by drafting your best personal biography for one platform, then tweak it for each platform. For ideas, look at a few innovative examples on each platform.


Step 2:  Keep it short and sweet.

Maintain brevity even while writing on your website. Don't make others laugh. The attention span of a human being is eight seconds. A 200 to 250 words bio will be enough to offer your readers a flavour of your work life. Make sure your audience isn't bored.

Step 3: Show, Don't Tell

 One of the most significant things you can do to make your bio stand out is to use the phrase "show, don't tell." Liz Murphy is IMPACT's content strategist, and she's also an excellent personal bio writer, in my view. I like how she integrated her IMPACT obligations with her professional abilities. Her biography reads like a novel about a person. Make up a tale about yourself.


Step 4: Keep It updated

As a professional, you will develop, acquire new skills, and work with various companies. It is unavoidable. Your bio will inevitably get stale over time. As a result, wherever your bio is posted, be sure to check it every six months to keep it up to date.


Step 5. Include a professional photograph with your bio.


Information about a person's brand is conveyed via visuals. Upload a high-resolution smiling photo alongside your bio text if you are friendly and approachable. If you care about your brand, you should care about your biography picture.

Step 6: Write your name, job title, and responsibilities at the top of the page.


Whether you're currently working for a company or not, your best personal biography should include a generic job title and duties. 


  • What am I famous for
  • How do I make a living
  • how much experience I have
  • abilities 
  • accomplishments

However, the major surprise does not have to wait until the conclusion of the bio. The first or second phrase should clearly define what you do. That is the most effective technique to entice your readers. Also, make a list of your abilities and accomplishments that will always be relevant.


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In your best personal biography, the words you use impact how people see you. As a result, terminology like "freelancer" or "part-time" and others with informal connotations should be avoided. When you're a CMO-for-hire specializing in social media and branding strategy, you don't want prospective customers to mistake you for a low-level social media employee.


Step 7: Brag about yourself

What good is a personal bio if you can't boast about yourself? To differentiate yourself from the competition, you must establish credibility. List a few professional accomplishments, depending on the length of the personal biography, to gain the audience's confidence.


Google now prioritizes websites with a high degree of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness in its recommendations (E-A-T). As a result, while writing guest articles, you should list your experience and how it qualifies you to write on the topics.


Finally, keep in mind how your impressive accomplishments can benefit the readers. Instead of rambling on about how awesome you are, consider the reader's point of view and ask yourself, "What's in it for them?"


Remember that a best personal biography is not the same as a resume. In your best personal biography, don't just mention your achievements. Describe them instead. Remember that until you describe your achievements properly, your audience may not know what they are.

Step 8: Discuss your personality


It's possible to use comedy to show your personality and make yourself more relevant to audiences. So, don't be shy about sharing information about your hobbies outside of work, side hustles, birthplace, favourite music or food, and anything else that reveals who you are.



 To conclude for you, make sure your bio is:

  1. One tone
  2. Sweet
  3. Short
  4. Showcase your words
  5. updated
  6. professional
  7. makes you stand out
  8. talk about your hobbies