Cleanliness and Hygiene: How to Keep Bacteria at Bay

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With the arrival of the coronavirus, hygiene and cleanliness are at the heart of the concerns

With the arrival of the coronavirus, hygiene and cleanliness are at the heart of the concerns. Daily disinfection of hands and contact points is an effective way to prevent bacteria from entering your environment. As your health is our priority, our article aims to give you tips for making your disinfectant products in order to stay safe!

The cleanliness of your home: a source of concern

Our home is known to be a safe and comforting place. However, returning home with the certainty of not having brought bacteria from outside is a question that today we ask ourselves more frequently. Household chores, usually so simple and routine, have become a real source of concern: have I cleaned all surfaces and contact points well?

According to an American study conducted by the University of California, the virus can stay up to:

  • 72 hours on plastic
  • 48 hours on stainless steel
  • 24 hours on cardboard
  • 4 hours on copper

Thus, it is essential to regularly clean the various surfaces that could pose a risk to your health and that of your family. In order to be more effective, we recommend using products suitable for each type of surface for more effective cleaning and disinfection.

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Our daily advice

Here are our tips for keeping your environment clean on a daily basis:

  • Wash and sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Disinfect the various high-risk surfaces regularly (telephone, door handles, keyboard, etc.).
  • Disinfect your phone every time you get home.

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