Top 3 FAQs About Edfi Google Classroom Integration Every School Must Know

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Before we proceed, can you tell us, have you ever fought a battle without weapons? Most probably, you will say NO.

Before we proceed, can you tell us, have you ever fought a battle without weapons? Most probably, you will say NO. But sometimes, life can make us do that even if we are not ready for it. Now you might be thinking, "But, why are you telling me all this?" "Well," if you nicely recall the initial phase of the current pandemic, wasn't the above situation the same for most educational institutions. We mean, you knew well that you have to complete the academic course of your students as soon as possible, but didn't know how? That's when Google Classroom and some other apps came to the rescue and offered schoolteachers an online platform to teach children. Now seeing the efficacy of modern technology, you can be rest assured that these online teaching platforms are not going anywhere anytime soon, so you should adopt them as soon as possible. But the issue is that Google Classroom allows educators only to teach, assess, and communicate with students in general but does not offer a comprehensive solution to monitor each candidate's performance. And that's where Edfi Google Classroom Integration and Edfi Api comes into the frame.


Now, "before," you ask what they are, we must tell you that the former is "basically" a learning management system that offers a feature-rich platform for educational organizations to go live while staying in touch with the school data through a visual dashboard. Some of the examples of general school data that Edfi Google Classroom Integration offers are:


1. Number of students


2. Number of teachers


3. Ratio


4. Sections


5. Student Sections


6. Discipline


7. Health


8. And a whole lot of things


Besides this, as far as Edfi Api is concerned, it is a turnkey solution using which the districts can go live when needed only by entering the relevant credentials required to use it. If you don't know what a turnkey solution means, we must tell you it is a "type" of a virtual system that you can integrate into your current business process for leveraging end-to-end services for end-users, like students. Its designers have created it to fulfil a particular objective excellently, such as "educating", in this case.


With that over, let's see:


Three Common FAQs about Edfi Google Classroom Integration you might not know


1. Can educators use Google Classroom to teach live to pupils?


In short, "Yes." And to do that, Google Classroom is integrated with Google Meet to allow teachers to organize video meetings from within the GC app and teach live to students. Remember, some schoolteachers are already using Google Meet as an excellent videoconferencing solution, so you should also not delay taking advantage of that.


2. Can faculties use Google Classroom for assessments and grading?


Yes, of course. Google Classroom makes it a breeze to conduct, collect, and grade summative and formative assessments. Take, for instance; you want to use GC for creating, distributing, and getting the auto-graded "assessments." In that case, you can use Google Forms to achieve that goal. What else? GC also allows schoolmasters to ask discussion questions to know the thoughts of various candidates.


3. How can teachers set up Google Classroom?


For this, all you need to do is head to "Google for Education Teacher Centre" and sift through several tutorials and other relevant information, including some up-to-date videos or other visuals. However, if you also want to know an alternate solution, YouTube contains several do-it-yourself tapes for learning how to get started with Google Classroom.


On a closing note!


We hope you learned many crucial things in this write-up, be it the utility of Edfi GC integration or its API. Apart from that, you also sailed through some frequently asked questions about Google Classroom that you might not have known earlier. So, if you liked reading this write-up and want to get a school-centric Edfi Education Solution now, please get in touch with the widely-known Edfi education application seller now.