He hopes to grow old with realistic sex doll like this

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He hopes to grow old with realistic sex doll like this

The world's first case: realistic sex doll married -by dldollshop

A 31-year-old Zhejiang University master married a realistic sex doll made by himself. This is not a joke, but a real thing. According to a colleague, the master was rejected by his crush and never found a girlfriend. Instead, he created a realistic sex doll by himself. After two months of "love", they got married. Parents not only came to the wedding scene, but also invited many colleagues and classmates to attend. 

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Would you choose such a wm doll

In the face of emptiness, loneliness, and cold nights, countless single idiots and resentful women not only rely on themselves to relieve their depression, but also many people like to buy wm dolls, but the quality of wm dolls purchased online is less guaranteed. Some netizens ordered a simulation version of "Dark Lin Chiling" Hatano Yuyi, fully looking forward to unpacking and preparing for a beautiful spring night, but what they received was a tragedy!

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A netizen bought a love doll, a simulation version of the dark goddess Hatano Yui. When I received the goods, the outer packaging was very normal, the photos printed on it were sweet and lovely, and the double peaks on the chest were even more sexy, which made people full of expectations. Unexpectedly, when I took out the contents, it collapsed, and the similarity with the real person was close to 0. What about Yui Hatano?

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