How Can I Find the Best Dental Clinic Near Me?

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I was looking for dental clinics near me. So all I have to do is enter the location and the app will give me all the dental clinics near me.

It's a chore every time I have to search for a service near me. Another day I was looking for a dental practice near me and came across several apps and websites. Finally I have found an app that has the best solution for me. The name of the app is Practo. Practo very conveniently showed all the dental clinics near me with full information about the dentists and facilities available in the clinic.

About practice:

Practo is an internet-based service for scheduling a doctor's appointment. Using Practo, you can search for doctors by specialty, location, clinic name, or doctor name. Other ways you can search for a doctor on your own is by specifying the area within the city, availability, hours of operation, and consultation fee. Once you have found the perfect doctor for you, you can make an appointment directly with the app.

When I read about the founder of the apps, an interesting story came up about the start of Practo.

The idea came about when Shashank's father (co-founder of Practo) was looking for knee surgery and they were looking for a specialist doctor in the US. The doctor in the US wanted to check all of his father's medical records before giving an opinion on your gave an opinion. But there was no way to send all the reports and prescriptions and then send them to the doctor in the US.
This incident sparked the idea of ​​Practo. Shashank discussed it with Abhinav, a computer expert, and they both worked on the idea.

Shashank also believed that there should be a common platform where patients can write a review of the doctor that can be helpful to other patients. Practo created a feedback system and tries to collect the most useful and reliable feedback from patients.
How I found a dental clinic near me with Practo

Practo is very comfortable to use. You just need to download the app. It is available on both Android and iOS. Once you are done installing the app on your mobile phone, all you need to do is create an account and start searching for the doctors you want.

For example, in my case, I was looking for dental clinics near me. So all I have to do is enter the location and the app will give me all the dental clinics near me.

How do you make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, click in the Calendar on the time slot you want to book. You will be taken to the appointment booking page for the specific timeslot. Here you still have the option to change the date, time and duration. Add the patient's name and in a few steps my appointment will be scheduled with the best dental practice in my area.