How To Choose The Best Studio Monitors for Rap Production

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If you are looking for best studio monitors for mixing or best open back headphones under 200, here are some answers that can be a guiding light in creating some great music.

The best studio monitors for mixing in hip hop allow you to listen and mix music in a loyal way to the original recordings. These monitors give you a true-blue experience, especially if you're a bass addict, and they're great at enhancing your mixes, edits, and hip-hop beats.


Go through these factors to help you find the right monitors for your home or studio.



Monitor price and quality go hand in hand. So, it is essential to learn and understand how much you are paying for your studio monitors. Once you have decided, stick to that price range.  

There's a direct correlation between monitor price and quality. Therefore, you need to understand how much you're willing to pay for studio monitors. Once decided, stick to the price range. A quick tip is that a budget of $500 will provide you with an excellent speaker. But if not, you could check our list of the best studio monitors for mixing


Some of the other gear you'll need to support studio monitors would be a healthy subwoofer, an amplifier, mics, and a computer system.

Sound Quality/Performance

High-quality studio monitors make sure you hear crystal-clear sounds. They should replicate the track's good and bad parts to make the required adjustments. On that note, searching for a set of monitors with the flattest frequency response helps you attain this impartial output. Speakers tend to boost some frequencies and suppress others. So, the selected monitors should address all frequencies with an agreement for accurate editing. In general, hip-hop production has several beats and samples used during the production process. Fine-tuning these levels and arrangements can only occur when you have a great pair of studio monitors.


In terms of sound color, it's recommended that you seek models having a neutral tone; those with a warm or cool tint will reshape the sound to your ear and impede your mixing.



It is not constantly picking up gigantic monitors to blast some bangers. Instead, pick up monitors that go with the theme of your studio. Based on the size of average studio spaces, we always suggest monitors between 5 and 8 inches. You'll also want to place the monitors adjacent to and from your head. This will give you a more accurate frequency response and sound quality. 


A subwoofer is an essential part of accurately recreating lower frequencies. Most quality models have a mid-woofer or subwoofer. You don't require a separate speaker if your model comes with a subwoofer, but consider having one. 

Isolation Pads

These are genuinely supportive if you want to add an extra layer of a transparent layer to your listening experience. They also decrease vibrational interferences. They're accommodating in projecting lower frequencies. This is needed while creating hip-hop music production.


Studio Setting

When you produce hip-hop music as a beginner, you'll generally work at your home studio or own an amateur setup. As your workspace expands, you'll need more giant monitors that are 5 to 8 inches. Once you start expanding, consider acoustic treatment for your workspace to avoid disturbances. For this, use bass traps to capture low ends while recording. 


Some of the best music industry brands have their hand in making studio monitors in all types of price ranges and segments. Your potential studio monitors could be producing quality monitors in the amateur and semi-pro segment. 


Quality and Frequency Range


When creating hip-hop beats, find a set of monitors with a vivid frequency range. This is a dynamic range, and it's crucial for hip hop and EDM music due to their varied soundscapes. They also shouldn't create any disturbance. Our ears pick up sounds between 20Hz and 20KHz, so pick monitors near this minimum and maximum zone. 


There are various factors one should consider before buying a studio monitor. Here are some listed ones. JBZ is here to answer all of them. Contact us now! Search for the best studio monitors for mixing or best open back headphones under 200 and get many answers to your queries.

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