Check out the most catchy and attractive group names for three and four people

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Here are a few eye-catching group names that your friends will love. Choose either of them and change today. I bet your friends will love and adore it.

It is very lucky to have a few good friends in your life. Friends are like our lifeline and help you recover from bad times, Having good friends is a blessing. Nowadays, we have WhatsApp to chat with our friends or create groups more like a chat room. Whatsapp groups are best if you have something urgent to discuss simultaneously with three or four of your best friends. Whatsapp Groups are more like a chat room that allows you to chat with different people simultaneously. 

But what confuses us more is group names! If we have special friends associated with a group, we want to be attractive, and something special blows our friend's mind. You would want to name it something out of the league and related to your life. Something that is close to you and will connect all of you.  

Here are a few eye-catching group names that your friends will love. Choose either of them and change today. I bet your friends will love and adore it.


Check out the group names for 3 people:

  1. The three musketeers: what could be a better title than "The three musketeers" as the group title. It is one of the most common terms used by people for centuries to address the group of three friends. For those who are not aware, the three musketeers is a french novel based on the lives of three friends. Also, it represents the adventure, heroic and brave nature of the friends who don't leave each other's sides in the worst of circumstances.

  2. Powerpuff Girls: Powerpuff girls is a cartoon series based on three girls. These three girls are brave and ready to fight with every threat that they come across. Also, each girl has her special power and characteristics. This WhatsApp name is perfect for your gal pal! More power to your girls!

  3. Charlie's Angels: The perfect example of friendship, bravery, and girl power is Charlie's Angels. You can name your WhatsApp group Charlie's Angels if you are three best friends and have a rebellious nature.


Check out the group names for 4 people:

  1. Fantastic Foursomes: This is a very funny et perfect WhatsApp group title for the four friends. Either gender can name their WhatsApp friends group as it is hideous and makes you laugh every time you get a text.

  2. Ghostbusters: What can be more perfect than naming your friend group as "GHostbusters." It is a perfect group name for the four male friends. Ghostbusters is a movie where the four friends look for ghosts and try to bust them. Suppose you and your friends are adventurous and serve any particular motive. Nothing is perfect than Ghostbusters!

  3. Survivors: This title has a very deep meaning. If you and your friends have been through hardships and have survived them together, this will be a perfect choice. Also, this title will keep you all close as this will remind you how you helped each other recover from something you could not do alone.

You may choose either of the names mentioned in the list. Give your group or WhatsApp group a unique name that will strengthen our bond and keep you fixated on each other for a long time. Thank you for reading this article. Take care and be safe!