Different Types of Bouffant Hair Caps What Are The Reasons to Wear

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Bouffant Caps comes in a pack of 100soft and is comfortable to wear...

Bouffant caps lie in the category of personal protective equipment (PPE). You might wonder what personal protective equipment is and why it is necessary. PPE refers to items that can save human beings in extreme and sensitive conditions, such as leather gloves, safety goggles, etc. Bouffant caps are lightweight and comfortable caps to wear. They are used mostly by health workers in hospitals and medical facilities to prevent contamination risks. In addition to that, these disposable cups are ideal for keeping the hair away from workers' eyes.

You do not want someone else's hair in any item you buy, such as food, drugs, or gadgets. Therefore, workplaces try to make sure they are safe and clean. Similarly, hospitals and clinics need to keep patients safe from unwanted circumstances, including contamination. Therefore, staff workers wear surgical bouffant caps to maintain maximum safety.

Often people mix bouffant disposable caps with hairnets. At the same time, hairnets are prepared with nylon material and are intended to stretch hair over the head. On the other hand, bouffant headwear is designed without utilizing pore texture. Another difference between both caps is hairnet is covered when worn, whereas bouffant offers an easy opportunity for simpler checks.

Types of bouffant surgical caps in Canada


The basic style of the bouffant cap, which is widely used in medical sectors including dentistry, medical care, and surgeons, assistants use it while medical examination of patients and administration of food. However, the texture is standard and basic, well known for defensive attire, which needs a common light shower. The manufacturers shape defensive properties by holding firmly to frame a layer of breathable material and lightweight enough to wear on the head during a visit or inspection.


This style is suitable for long-haul wear circumstances, including low to direct liquids. These caps are mostly used in clean rooms, research labs, food administration, or assembling electronic appliances. In multi-employ style, the covers are usually darker than polypropylene style caps. However, these caps block every liquid solid and are breathable.


The third type of bouffant caps is prepared using polyethene texture. These caps are waterproof and offer optimal security from hazardous particles such as hairs or solid material. Ideal for use during food handling, assembling electronic appliances, or drug painting 


Used for general applications where the risk of contamination is high. It is constructed through thick polyethene, which is safe and non-poisonous plastic. Suitable for multiple uses such as asbestos reduction, general support, etc.

Benefits of using bouffant surgical caps in Canada

· Bouffant caps are designed to reduce contamination. These caps are ideal for keeping your hair tucked away nicely

· Apart from medical centres, these caps work well in alternative environments such as kitchens and other hygienic environments.

· Hand constructed with environment-friendly material to ensure maximum safety.

· The caps feature satin lining for the encouragement of healthy lustrous hair

· Visible exterior Buttons to quickly tighten face masks

· Available in universal sizes for all kinds of short and long hair

The use of personal protective equipment is not new, as medical experts started using surgical equipment decades ago. Moreover, it is highly used in extreme conditions where the risk is high. A few decades ago, surgical caps Canada were only used in hospitals and medical facilities where patients with severe diseases were kept. The purpose of caps was to prevent hairs from getting into patients' wounds. However, these days' bouffant caps are used in other sectors such as the kitchen and places where manufacturing is in the process like factories. Laboratories workers have also started using these caps.