See Sharks Without Diving in Oahu

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Some thrill-seeking Hawaiian holiday makers think cage diving to view sharks sounds like a good time. However, there are less strenuous alternatives. It's among the reasons many people choose the private boat tours North Shore captains can offer. They can take you to the shark-infested seas off the coast of Oahu for some up-close views from the safety and comfort of a smooth-riding tour boat. 


It's not the same as donning scuba gear and diving into a cage, but you'll still have a fascinating experience watching sharks and other aquatic animals. The North Shore shoreline provides a stunning backdrop for your ocean trip by boat.


If you've struggled with seasickness in the past, it's time to test an innovative watercraft that goes quickly and never bobs up and down. Each person is unique, but you could be among those who discover that riding on the proper sort of boat eliminates their seasickness. 


It also speeds up sightseeing and is the polar opposite of a slow-moving tour bus trapped in traffic. Once aboard the boat and out on the water, even the most skeptics become believers. Adding thrilling features such as shark sightings transforms the excursion into a full-fledged adventure tour unlike any other.


It's also critical to book a cruise with an experienced captain who knows all the best places to visit and the hidden gems. The North Shore of Oahu is famed for the Seven-Mile Miracle, which comprises some of the world's top surf breakers (waves). It's a site where you can feel the strength of the Pacific and gaze out at the stunning ocean panorama. 


When you include marine life, it becomes one of the most spectacular tour-boat trips in the Hawaiian Islands, and it is conveniently located for anybody staying on Oahu. You'll want to see Pearl Harbor, Diamond Drive, and other sites in Honolulu on your first visit, but then head north.