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"It's not about sex, either. We just love dressing them up like having life-size Barbie sex dolls!


Bob Gibbins, 60, has been dubbed by others the "Hugh Hefner of the lifelike sex doll community". Although Bob's house only has a small bungalow, he has stuffed 240 realistic sex dolls in the house.

He enjoys having afternoon tea with his sex dolls, posing for pictures and dressing them in beautiful clothes. So far, he has spent more than £100,000 on his collection, even transforming a real life sex doll so Bob can dance with her.

skinny sex doll

The Story of Bob and the lifelike sex doll

Bob is the player who collects the most wm dolls in the world so far, and his relationship with wm dolls started ten years ago. At that time, he bought a mannequin, but the simple structure could not meet his requirements. Started looking for some more realistic dolls, and the rise of the internet led him to discover wm dolls.

Surprisingly, Bob's wife agreed to such a hobby. Bob said: "My wife helped me choose my first silicone sex dolls in 2007 for £2,500 and we named it Beverly. It was bought from the second hand market. of silicone sex dolls, and that's where my collection started."

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Bob now buys a silicone sex dolls every once in a while, including Japanese, European, American, Chinese, involving una, DDOLL and other brands, with prices ranging from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In addition, there are many inflatable dolls, which are relatively cheap, and the price is around several hundred yuan.

Bob's obsession with silicone sex dollss

His spending on japanese sex dolls is not limited to buying japanese sex dolls, he also often buys clothes, wigs and cosmetics to decorate their japanese sex dolls. Bob said: "I spent tens of thousands of pounds just for japanese sex dolls, plus about 10,000 pounds (about 90,000 yuan) for clothes, wigs, makeup and jewelry."

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Some of Bob's dolls pose provocatively and wear very playful clothing, but he claims he has never used the sex dolls. "A lot of sex doll owners have sex with sex dolls, but I never had that interest," he said.

Bob made his own mini sex dolls

Bob used a bendable, articulated metal skeleton with rolling shoes to create a mini sex doll that could dance. He was intrigued by the idea of ​​making something that was extremely human-like. And female love dolls are more creative and have more room for dressing up than male love dolls.

chinese sex doll

And he's more than happy to have his collection of mini sex dolls occupy the two-bedroom bungalow he shares with his wife, Liz, and even their bedroom. Although sex dolls take up a lot of Bob's time, he says seriously: "People may think I'm crazy, I love sex dolls, and there's nothing special about this hobby."
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