A Trichology Consultation - The First Step For In Your Fight Against Hair Loss

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What is a Trichologist? Why should I see one? These and other questions were answered in our 101 June 2016 seminar presentation.

More specifically, this seminar looks at describing the role of a clinical Trichologist, their unique skills and knowledge and accreditation. It also demonstrates why it is a good idea to consult one if you are suffering from hair loss. In addition, the presentation outlines what the consultation actually involves.
Interested in finding out more? Please visit www.aushair.com.au for the Google Hangout link to our next seminar and watch us live online at home.

People that are experiencing hair loss are often desperate for a cure. However, most hair loss sufferers have no idea where to go for the right advice. Many turn to their doctor for an opinion but are commonly referred introduced to the pharmaceutical system which is not the best option for this type of condition. Trichologists  have the specific knowledge and skills to deal with hair loss and offer sufferers viable solutions based on people’s specific condition (scalp condition and level of hair loss).
When you visit a Trichologist, they will conduct a professional health assessment with you, including a hair and scalp analysis. Blood and other laboratory test results may be checked to confirm the condition. Finally the Trichologist will arrange a treatment strategy that is suitable.


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