MBBS in Russia

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Apart from being the largest country in the world by land area, Russia is also a popular choice for international students to study MBBS. With approximately 57 medical universities, it is desirable to study MBBS in Russia. International students like to study here because they offer high scholarships. This is very low compared to other Western countries. The combination of high quality education with low cost makes MBBS the best choice for international students in Russia. All universities offering MBBS courses are accredited by the Medical Council of leading countries such as the UK, USA, Middle East and WHO.

As the popularity of studying in Russia has increased recently, it has moved up to 8th place among the best places to study in the world.

MBBS in Russia means being one of the best options to pursue MBBS abroad. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming popular among Indian students because it offers high quality education at affordable prices. Russia is the 8th best educational destination for students around the world to study MBBS. About 30 places in the world rankings of medical universities are occupied by the best Russian medical universities.

Russian medical universities provide good infrastructure, exceptional faculty and higher quality medical education. MBBS is the most popular medical course among international applicants. The level of MBBS study in Russia is well developed and improved. Nowadays, most Russian medical universities offer MBBS courses in English to foreign students at very affordable tuition fees. There are currently more than 10,000 Indian students studying in Russian medical universities, most of whom are enrolled in MBBS courses and this number is increasing every year.

Russian Medical Universities are accredited by WHO and NMC India, MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India. The MBBS syllabus in Russia is similar to that of Indian medical colleges. Thus, students who have passed MBBS in Russia are eligible for the MCI screening exam in India.


The cost of studying MBBS in Russia

The MBBS tuition fee in Russia is not as high as in India and the cost of renting a room in a university dormitory is very low, which saves you money on a large budget. Since the economic value of the Russian Rupee is equal to the Indian Rupee, the cost of living for students is the same as in India. The cost of studying MBBS at a Russian medical university is within the budget of a typical student.

MBBS fees in Russia are subsidized by the Russian government, which offers Indian students studying MBBS in Russia at affordable prices. The average MBBS fee in Russia is US $ 4000 = 2,80,000 Indian rupees per year, which is the lowest fee for MBBS study abroad. Low MBBS fees and affordable living expenses attract more Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.