Chicago Bears vs Lions: Madden 21 prediction for Week 13

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Chicago Bears vs. Lions: Week 13 "Madden 21" predictions. The Chicago Bears are currently 5-6, third in the NFC North. They have lost 5 consecutive games since the start of the 5-1 season. As the season progresses, their hopes for the playoffs have become even slimmer. If you want to get a strong team, you can buy MUT 21 Coins and return to the game to form an ideal team.

After facing some of the best teams in the league such as the Saints, Giants and Packers, they will face the 4-7 Detroit Lions in the soldiers scene this Sunday. The Bears need to win this game to keep their playoff spot alive. The Chicago Bears had a crazy 21 simulation with the Lions in Week 13. Fortunately, the Bears won the game 27-10. For the Bears, winning feels very good.

If the Bears' defense can be played like this on Sunday, it will be a welcome sight after being torn apart by the Green Bay offense. The Bears forced three turnovers in this simulation, which will be the most in the entire season in real life. Trubiski was good enough to make up for the Bears' excellent defensive ability and led the Bears to a convincing victory. This is the game the Bears need to play in order to restore their momentum to an attempt to make some sort of final playoff game.

If the Bears can continue their successful game from last week, the offense will be a good day. David Montgomery looked sharp in Green Bay and performed well in "Madden Sim". I think he is the key to the Bears' offensive success.

I hope that the Bears can once again enter the victory list after five consecutive losses. For example, in week 1, the Lions will not be an easy game, but in order to maintain the hope of the playoffs, this should be a game that the Bears can and must win. Players can buy Madden NFL 21 Coins and help them buy powerful players and packaging in the game.