Smoking Hemp: 3 Easy Ways to Smoke CBD

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Learn how to smoke hemp. Check out the many ways you can smoke a joint and enjoy the effects of CBD in your system.

Smoking hemp helps you relax. It can deliver the effects of CBD that much faster. In some cases, it also allows you to enjoy the aroma and flavor of hemp. If you are thinking about giving it a try, but are worried that you might make a mistake, here are top tips to help you smoke CBD.

Start with the Hemp Flower

If you have your own hemp plant, you can start rolling that raw plant material. Some users already find the activity therapeutic. Just make sure you have a trustworthy source for the hemp flower. That will ensure that it is packed carefully. The container must be secure and sealed so the product will stay fresh. Since you have your own CBD flower, that means one thing: you can start rolling your own joints. You can drop a nugget of the flower in a bong, too, or use it for your own edibles. Also, buying the hemp flower means you have more flower that you can use. You’ll want to put the flowers in containers, so you can enjoy them longer.

Hemp Pre-Rolls

These are convenient because you won’t have to go through the trouble of rolling them. If you’re in a hurry or just want CBD to take effect, then you’ll stock up on pre-rolls. They’re convenient and often come in a standard size. That comes with about a gram of hemp. The pre-rolls also usually are sold with a mouthpiece, so you can smoke every last bit of hemp before you move on to your next roll. If you want a CBD product that delivers a good combination of terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD, give smokables a try. Make sure you choose smokables from a reputable manufacturer. That will guarantee that you’ll get quality hemp.


Hemp Cigarettes


Like pre-rolls, these are convenient. You only need to start smoking to give the CBD time to work. However, this is more socially acceptable, since it keeps people from seeing you smoke a joint in public. There still a bit of stigma attached to smoking joints, so if you want to avoid all that, then get yourself hemp cigarettes. With hemp legal, you can expect hemp cigarettes to grow in the market. If you’re a first-timer, though, this is an excellent option for you. It’s also inexpensive. Give it a go and see if hemp cigarettes give you enough CBD to ease your anxiety, lower your pain levels, improve your mood, and more.

Just a Reminder

Before you smoke hemp, though, make sure it’s legal in your state. Many find it hard to determine the difference between smokable hemp from marijuana or illegal pot products, so you might get in trouble if you’re not careful. The law isn’t the same for every state, so look it up. You might have a bit of leeway. For instance, Texas only banned smokable hemp manufacturing and not the product itself. In North Carolina, there’s a bill that argues for allowing dried hemp flower and pre-rolled hemp joints to be sold.