Reach Best Lady Doctor In Tirunelveli For Irregular Periods

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Being worried about irregular periods? Reach the Best Hospital In Tirunelveli and talk to them about your problem.

period is a menstrual cycle that takes place in a women's body every month. Nowadays many women are suffering the problem of heavy bleeding. During excessive bleeding, there may be a passage of big clots. This may create the women so tired and made their bodies weak. 



Why does the menstrual period become so heavy or irregular? The answer is, there, maybe a chance of having Polycystic ovary syndrome, Thyroid or pituitary disorders, Pelvic inflammatory disease. This may cause stress, anxiety, eating disorders, weight loss, etc. So it is advised to consult a doctor immediately without any delay. Being worried about irregular periods? Reach the Best Hospital In Tirunelveli and talk to them about your problem.

Also, inform them of the medications you are using to the gynecologist in Tirunelveli town. Your doctor may examine you by performing a blood test, your ovulation period,  physical examination, and also they may ask about the history of your health.