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Static discharge is destructive and even 1 volt of electricity is able to cause damage. Many devices, however, need up to 100 volts for damage.

Static discharge is destructive and even 1 volt of electricity is able to cause damage. Many devices, however, need up to 100 volts for damage. A static discharge should reach 2,000 volts or higher to affect humans. Therefore, if you don’t feel a zap, it doesn’t mean a static discharge did not happen or your electronic components haven’t damaged.

Nowadays, there are a number of industries based on electronic components and their reliability to work in harsh conditions. That is why investing in high-quality ESD products is necessary. Note that some electronic component producers don’t have a clue that static discharge has damaged their products during the assembly process. They notice it once they test all components. The worst thing is that if these products were used in an industry like aerospace, one minor problem on a small component could bring terrible results.

Here at Anti-Static ESD you can order many products such as ESD bag. Also called static shielding bag, an ESD bag is an important item for all businesses that deal with large amounts of technology and equipment every single day. Anti-Static ESD is one of Europe’s most trusted providers of quality ESD products and here your satisfaction is very important. The professional and passionate team of electrostatic discharge experts aim to deliver as many products as possible. For them, quality matters a lot, so they guarantee that your workers and facilities are always safe.

Based in the UK, Anti-Static ESD makes sure you will never regret trusting them. Offering an Anti Static Bag and other types of products across the UK and Europe, this company also continues developing the products. Note that the modern workplace can be fraught with dangers because it is full of equipment and electronic and this can bring a great threat to your workers, products and your facilities. Therefore, you need to order anti static products because they are designed to minimise any threat posed to your workplace.

Anti Static Bag is designed to shield against this sudden flow of electricity. If you deal with Anti-Static ESD, you can order:

  • Shielding bubble
  • Pink anti static bubble

Look no further and buy static shielding bubble bags as they bring lasting protection. However, you can invest in pink anti static bubble bags if you want something ideal for packaging sensitive components which will be removed from the bubble bag within 1 year. All of these shielding bags are made from different high quality materials, so they will surely leave you 100% satisfied. These materials work together to help to shield anyone or anything in the vicinity of the bag from the dangerous effects of electro static discharges, which could easily result in injuries or electrical fires breaking out. Do not wait any longer and hurry up to order these ESD bags to keep your equipment and workers as safe as possible. Invest in ESD products and rest assured you’ll get the best value for your investment.