3 Smart Steps Should Be Taken During Active Shooter Situation

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Threats are everywhere and no one is unaware of such a situation. Despite knowing the danger and still, you are not getting yourself enough educated with the steps that need to deal with the Active Shooter Situation is genuinely not done. If you think that law enforcement can help you then please leave this thought right away. It is true that law helps a lot but it is also proven that it takes time and till the time they arrive, the scene has already taken place and ended up killing many victims.

Therefore, here are the most helpful guidelines listed below, you must go through in order to save yourself as well as people around you who are not trained enough to deal with it. So, be aware of the ways a Civilian Response To Active Shooter Events. Read out the complete outlined suggestions to deal with the active shooter situation calmly and smartly:

1. Run: Run from danger is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we find ourselves in the middle of an active shooter situation. Although, there is something to consider before running is to plan your escape route calmly and then let it be in action. Also, it is most kind if you help others too. Think about the other victims too who can not find a way to get out of it. Run safely in a way the shooters can not see you and ensure your safety first before anything else.
2. Hide: If the shooters are spread in all the directions then running would be impossible. In this situation, you can ensure to hide in a corner or somewhere out of their eyes. Choose the place where shooters can not see you properly. Also, you should turn off the lights and ensure that phones are switched off. Other than this, if the big articles are available such as furniture, tables and others like this then shield yourself in a proper way.  

3. Fight:  It is the Last resort known as the fight. Take steps to stop the shooter or render him unconscious. Take action only if you can't safely depart or hide, and only when your life is in jeopardy. Attempt to immobilize or impair the shooter's actions.

Schools and community people routinely ask law enforcement personnel and agencies for advice and presentations on what to do when it comes to dealing with an active shooter situation. The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Training is designed to Avoid and deny such dangerous activities so that each one of you can give the befitting reply to the Shooter on your own.

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