A Wide Variety Of Home Fabrics

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There are many fabrics on the market, but not all of them are familiar to us.

    There are many fabrics on the market, but not all of them are familiar to us. We may not know all about the properties and shortcomings of various fabrics. Let us take a look.

  1. Polyester cotton fabric

   Polyester-cotton fabrics have the characteristics of low cost, bright color, not easy to fade, etc., and the cost performance is relatively high. It is a mixture of a small amount of synthetic fiber and some ecological cotton. The finished product has both durability and comfort, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to pilling and easy to generate static electricity.

  1. hemp fabrics

   Hemp fabrics are not irritating to human skin and can bring people a good sleep. Because it is made of natural hemp fibers, it can reduce the temperature of the skin, relieve tense muscles, and promote sleep. It also has good effects on hygiene, skincare, and antibacterial.

   3. satin fabric

    The satin fabric is thicker, feels very comfortable, and has a good gloss. It can be said that it is a relatively material, and it is actually made of cotton, but there are differences in the weaving method. In addition, it has positive and negative points, which should be carefully observed when using it. In addition, satin has good elasticity, tight texture, not easy to deform, high density, and reflective effect, so it looks like satin, which is higher grade.

  1. Pure cotton fabric

    Pure cotton fabric is used by many consumers, it is composed of cotton, so its hygroscopicity is very good. In addition, cotton fiber is natural cellulose, which has good air permeability, no irritation in contact with the skin, is beneficial and harmless to the human body, and has good hygienic performance. It also has obvious advantages in terms of warmth retention, heat resistance, and alkali resistance. Therefore, the quilt cover of pure cotton fabric is a wise choice for home furnishing.

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