Basic components of rap beats and hip- hop

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Rap music and hip-hop had a profound history over the decades. This article shows you how to create rap beats and their elements. Have a read and have some details.

It all started in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The old rapers would resonate with the newest rap artists, but the music is no longer the same. Isn’t it? Rap artists have a vast collection of inspiration to produce authentic hip-hop beats. We need to understand the structure of rap songs, as specific music genres have defined their sound and style.


Components of rap beats


The vocals and beats are two main elements of rap music. However, Both of these components are recorded on various tracks, and that’s the secret of getting a hit sound. The vocals and beats are two main elements of rap music. These components are recorded on various tracks, and that’s the secret to getting a hit song. I’ll stick with these primary elements for this article as they are crucial for producing a hip-hop song.


Catchy Beats

This is still the case, but in hip hop circles, the beats are mainly used to reference the whole beat, including any instruments, scratches, and loops. So Imagine the entire track without the vocals— you might like the dubbing version. For this reason, I’m referring to the whole dub track beneath in this article. 


Basic Bassline


The bassline is the next important thing in a hip-hop song. The bass of the Kurtis Blow track was the only driving thing of that song. This is very similar to the latest pop or dance song, and it’s vital in hip-hop music. 


More Drum Tracks

It’s usually not enough to get the playing drum loop from a sample. In the past, many rappers have used a beatbox for recording. Adding extra parts will increase the quality of the song. Not only that, but it also helps to differ the beats for multiple sections in the music.



Extra Sounds and Samples

The scratches and background voice sample will give you a good deal for a commercial hip-hop hit, which will boost your rap song.


Musical Instruments


You can be highly creative with music. It would be best to listen to some biggest hit songs to get the idea. Guitars, Synths, Horns, Stabs, Strings, Pianos, and any other musical instrument—music tools play an essential role in a hit production. Music plays a significant role in rap beats, apart from vocals and beats.


Lyrics in Hip Hop Song


A rap song can contain great music with a stunning set-up, but the vocals are the main reason behind popular rap songs. Rap songs are always about vocals; many rappers have won the heart of many fans through just impactive lyrics. Some rappers got the fame from just a single vocal part, such as the slim shady AKA Eminem, Rockstar AKA Post Malone, and many more. Many people still believe that rap songs are all about one-person bands with a single long line in one beat. The one vocal line can be a part of many songs, but not for every rap song.


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