Male Breast Reduction surgeon in Delhi

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Aestiva cosmetic clinic was established in 2012 as a one stop place for all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

It is common in young males today, who are suffering from this issue and facing embarrassment socially. Male Breast Reduction in Delhi can be done with the surgical treatment and the procedure includes surgical removal of all breast tissue along with liposuction of the enlarged gland.


Schedule an appointment with the Best Male Breast Reduction surgeon in Delhi Dr. Mrinalini Sharma at Aestiva Clinic to get the desired masculine chest shape. Male breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure performed to treat gynecomastia conditions (enlarged male breasts or male boobs). In this procedure, the puffy nipples, surplus fat, excess breast skin, or fully-blown female-like breasts are treated to give a permanent, more masculine breast contour. The surgery involves the liposuction technique for fat removal and excision of skin and tissues by making incisions around the nipples. It is done when diet and exercise don’t help, fat burner pills and medications are ineffective, and surgery is the only last hope. The minimally invasive or advanced gynecomastia surgery is painless and scar-free. It is a 45 minutes procedure that can provide desired results in a single session without chances of recurrence. To know more pay a visit today at Aestiva Clinic.