The best Prestashop modules for increasing traffic and visibility of the store

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eCommerce is the favored business style marketers in today's time. The framework has effectively evolved and picked up its pace as the sort-after platform for selling products or services on the web.

Likewise, with some other markets in a true setting, traffic is everything. The more consideration you can attract to your site as traffic, the better possibilities you have at making more sales. Hence, we will talk about the best Prestashop modules that help increase the traffic and visibility of your eCommerce store. Further, this straightforward strategy is head of the heap with regards to streamlining your eCommerce website for better productivity.

Traffic and visibility of your Prestashop are extremely important and these best Prestashop modules come in really handy for you. Thus, let's get down to knowing the best Prestashop modules for better traffic and visibility of your eCommerce store below.

Best Prestashop modules for Traffic and Visibility

Prestashop Facebook Share and Win Discount addon

The PrestaShop share and win addon by Knowband allows the admin to display a Share button on the product page of the store. Furthermore, the customers can simply share the products with their friends and followers on Facebook. Thus, win handsome discounts from the admin. In fact, the admin has the free will to decide the discount amount for the customers. The more the customers share the products on the Facebook wall, the more they earn the discounts. Hence, they can use them to shop in the store.

This way, you simply promote your business on the biggest social media platform without any hassle. In fact, the PrestaShop share on Facebook wall plugin increases the traffic and visibility of your brand.

Prestashop WhatsApp share addon

The importance of WhatsApp is not hidden for any of us at all. If you want your customers to promote your products without actually doing so, this is the module for you. Prestashop Share with WhatsApp Prestashop addon allows the admin to display a share button on all the product pages. Further, the customers can share the products with their friends and others using the platform.

Prestashop Scratch Coupon Addon

Shoppers love to use scratch coupons when they visit a store. Why? Because they win discount coupons, free gifts, and more. Hence, using the Prestashop scratch coupon email subscription addon, the admin can display scratch coupons on the front end of the store. In fact, he gets to decide the discount percentage or the gifts that the visitors/customers win by rendering their email addresses in exchange for scratching the coupon.

There are numerous benefits of having this Prestashop addon in your store. For instance, more customer engagement, acquisition of email addresses that help in email marketing, and more.

Prestashop Price Alert addon

The Prestashop Price Alert Addon by Knowband is designed to inform the customers about the change in price that they wishlisted. In fact, there are times when customers wait for a product to come in a specific price bracket. Thus, then they buy it. Hence, when the customer clicks on 'Set Price Alert' for any specific product, they get notified when the price of the product drops. Further, all they have to do is provide the email address where the notification is sent by the admin.

The Prestashop price alert addon builds brand awareness and social visibility of your brand. In addition, it also is helpful in making customers loyal, increasing sales and revenues.

Prestashop Advanced Wishlist addon

Knowband provides the Prestashop advanced wishlist plugin, which allows online consumers to add goods to their wishlist and may be an excellent way to increase sales. A wishlist enables visitors to simply monitor the items in which they are interested but will not accept at this time. They may return to your site later and quickly refer to the wishlist rather than thoroughly examine items. As a result, the sole purpose of the Prestashop save for later addon by Knowband is to allow the customers to save their products rather than adding them to the cart and abandoning it.

In the End

Finally, you know the best Prestashop modules that can be really helpful for your eCommerce business. Check them out at Knowband and see which one of these best Prestashop modules fits in your to-buy list next.