Pisces Horoscope for the Month of Pisces

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Should I accelerate or decelerate? We understand that you're having trouble making a decision, Pisces. This month, a large number of celebrities are yelling "hibernation." At least for the first three weeks, while the Sun is in Aquarius and your tranquil, closure-oriented

Should I accelerate or decelerate? We understand that you're having trouble making a decision, Pisces. This month, a large number of celebrities are yelling "hibernation." At least for the first three weeks, while the Sun is in Aquarius and your tranquil, closure-oriented twelfth house, things are looking up. The same time, lucky and adventurous Jupiter is in Pisces until May 10, boosting your enthusiasm for new adventures and getting you pumped for a fresh start. The fact that this uncommon cycle only occurs once every 12 years means that you won't want to waste a single second of it, even if you're drowsy! And with the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Water Tiger on February 1 bringing with it a jolt of freshness and invention, you're ready to tap into this invigorating spirit.

Because of the retrograde excess that occurred in January, you may be feeling cagey and trapped. While Venus, the planet of harmony, was in a rough backspin until January 29, communicator Mercury, the planet of communication, joined the retrograde play tic tac toe party from January 14 to February 3. It was tough to get everyone on the same page, whether you were feeling fuzzy and distracted, experiencing technological challenges, or having disagreements with your coworkers.

Pisces, as anxious as you are to go back out there among the people, you must take it slow at first. Until February 18, when the Sun enters your sign and causes a reset of your hard drive, tie up any loose ends. The full moon (as well as Valentine's Week) will shine a focus on self-love in the middle of the month: giving your body the TLC, clean food, and exercise it needs! Consider treating yourself to a much-needed makeover so that you may enter Pisces season with a fully-stocked Fish tank.

The combination of the Aquarius season and the Lunar New Year may cause you to reconsider your choices.

Because the Sun is on its yearly pilgrimage through Aquarius and your healing, introspective twelfth house until February 18, the first three weeks of the month are very inward until then. With the Sun in this zone of endings and transitions, it's the perfect time to tie up any loose ends and clean the slate before the start of Pisces season and your next voyage around the Sun.

On February 4, the Sun will have its once-a-year meeting with Saturn, the planet of structure and practicality. As they come together in your spiritual twelfth house, now is a good time to take a critical look at your emotional and psychological well-being. Pisces, please report to work: What is the state of your mind-body-spirit balance? Are you taking care of yourself on a daily basis in between all of your other responsibilities?

With expanding Jupiter in Pisces (on and off) until December 28, you may be considering taking a whole other route. And the time couldn't be better for this! It's possible that you'll be urged to turn an intuitive gift or an artistic aptitude into your next major vocation during the Sun-Saturn rendezvous on February 4. While starting a formal, full-time practice may not be your cup of tea, there are other opportunities to offer your skills. The first few days of February may bring you into contact with a valuable mentor, or you may decide to enroll in a training or certification program. Invest in yourself by taking that Reiki attunement course, enrolling in a painting technique class, or starting a small Etsy shop to sell your hand-dipped candles—even if you only use your healing abilities for personal joy.

Additionally, the Lunar New Year begins on February 1st in the evening. From now until January 31, 2023, say "hi cat" to the Year of the Water Tiger—and prepare to get your stripes re-done a few times throughout that time. Tiger time is all about creativity and the element of surprise, so be prepared for anything. What if you say something that is out of character for you? Oh, most likely—but it's a good opportunity to show off your more adventurous side (which, sure, you do have!).

Mercury's retrograde period ends on February 3rd.

Getting along with others will be much easier after February 3, when Mercury, the planet of communicationclass="body-el-link standard-body-el-link" n, technology, and travel, completes a challenging retrograde that started on January 14. Because Mercury is reversing course in your technology and teamwork area, you may have experienced a double-strength retrograde (oh, no!) at this time. Hopefully, you have backed up your data and purchased a device protection package for expensive equipment. Now is a good time to invest in that new phone or iMac, and you can look forward to having better relationships with everyone on Team Pisces. Thank heavens for it!

Disseminate a message at the February 8th meeting, class="body-el-link standard-body-el-link" Trine between Mars and Uranus

In your communication and media sector, on February 8, the planet Mars makes a flowing trine to the planet Uranus, who is a catalyst for change. On this particular day, one of your ideas has the potential to go viral. Pitch meetings, brainstorming sessions, and email blasts are all part of the process. Bring together a group of brilliant people and watch the ideas flow. This is an excellent time to bargain and form alliances with like-minded individuals. Get your creative juices going by attending a networking event (even if it's through Zoom) or participating in a webinar. Today, you may be recognized as a pioneer in your own right!

This year's Valentine's Day is all about showing your affection for your physique.

Bring back the mermaid's radiance! Valentine's Week is less about romance and more on self-love and nurturing than in previous years. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, Pisces! Venus and Mars, the planets of love, are approaching an exact conjunction in Capricorn, which corresponds to your eleventh house of friendship, making this week an excellent time to reconnect with your crew. (There's also a cheer for unconditional love!) If you're in a relationship, make it a group celebration or keep it informal to avoid awkward situations.

 A nearly full moon in Leo and a healthy sixth house indicate that your body is in desperate need of some TLC. Attend an entertaining workoclass="body-el-link standard-body-el-link" ut class, practice partner yoga, and prepare a large greenclass="body-el-link standard-body-el-link" salad with a delicious recipe from a whole-food website such as Half-Baked Harvest or Cookie and Kate. You won't even realize that it's beneficial for you—and, if you're eating with someone you admire, you can create a unique yet simple atmosphere that is ideal for bonding and conversing with one another. Cupid's normal cuisine is a different type of gratifying, but it is no less wonderful!