There are two types of ice packs generally used

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Disposable ice packs and reusable ice packs

There are two types of ice packs generally used. One is a disposable ice pack, which can be discarded after one use; the other is a reusable ice pack, which can be reused next time as long as it is properly stored after use.

  1. Disposable

The standard technology ice is made of high-density plastic on one side and non-woven fabric on the other.

It is mainly used for perishable products, biological preparations and all products that need to be transported under refrigeration (if the technology ice is transported with the product during transportation and cannot be recovered for reuse, it is recommended to use the standard two-layer standard type). It is designed for one-time use, but under careful use, it can also be used multiple times. ).

  1. Reusable type

The four-layer technology ice is composed of two layers of non-woven textile materials, which are combined with trade secret formulas and compressed into a special form of cross-linked, polyacrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. The two key plastic layers inside use one-way micro-perforation technology to combine the plastic layer with the textile material layer to ensure that this new model can withstand the harshest weather during transportation. This performance is undoubtedly one of a kind. Kind of innovation.


  1. This product is made of high-tech biological materials, clean, non-toxic, full of certain elasticity, gel-like body, and excellent cold retention performance.
  2. The physical properties such as cold capacity, heat transfer and thawing rate, and service life of this product have reached the level of similar products in the US super ice pack.
  3. This product can be reused, has a wide range of uses, is safe, and does not cause pollution.

Product performance:

This product has a large cold capacity, is non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-reflective and flexible. It is a novel freezing medium that has no water pollution during thawing and thawing, and can be used repeatedly. Its effective use of cold capacity is 3 to 4 times that of ice, and it can replace ice as a freezing medium for heat exchange carrier to transfer heat. Its performance exceeds the American super ice pack. The company's similar products have a longer service life than similar products in the United States.

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