Why Do I Require the Assistance of a Family Law Attorney?

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Orange County Child Custody Attorney | Eric. M Nakasu

When a couple divorces with children, child custody is nearly often the most crucial issue to address. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex appear to work well together and want the best for your children, it is essential critical that you seek the opinion of an experienced child custody lawyer. A skilled child custody attorney can assist you in resolving key concerns that you may not have considered otherwise, such as:


  1. Financial and social repercussions - Should financial problems, new partnerships, step-siblings, changes in living environment, or other factors be taken into account?


  1. Modifications to custody agreements - Under what circumstances might the custody arrangement be amended, either temporarily or permanently?


  1. Relocation after divorce - What if one spouse wants to relocate further away, even out of state, with the children? Will the children's location and availability to both parents become more or less of a problem as they get older?


  1. Fundamentals of child-raising - How essential is it for you to all agree on subjects such as religion, morals, discipline, curfews, and other ground rules?


  1. How will you deal with the issue if one of you deviates from these plans?


Even if things appear to be going really well in the midst of a divorce and child custody dispute, it is always important to be prepared. Seeking counsel from a top child custody attorney is one of the best things you can do to protect your future and your children's welfare.


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